What I hated the most [181/365]

What I hated the most yesterday got to be Yahoo Mail. Hate is a strong word I rarely use, but Yahoo Mail infuriates me.

I’m all for security and privacy online — who isn’t — but these guys have gone too far! Probably they got so scared a few years back, when some celebrity’s account got hacked. It was after that they went overboard with the security stuff. Nobody could sign up there now, for an account, unless they own a smartphone, by the way. That’s fine — nobody should!

I’ve had a few accounts there, from before GMail came around. I wanted to terminate all of them. To try and sign in to a Yahoo account you haven’t been in to for a while, is a whole science of its own. They want you to give them your phone number, and that’s not going to happen ever. You have to verify your account somehow, and if you haven’t set up any backup email, then you’re out of luck. With one of them, I had the correct password but still ended up in some Catch22 so I could never get to the termination page. I was signed in, but could only go to a page with a link that said I had to contact Customer Care (!). That link only took me to those stupid forums, where users try to answer other users’ questions! That’s crowd sourcing at its finest, I guess. Pfft!

They have you make up a security question when you sign up for accounts — so why don’t they just use it?! At no point was I asked to answer my security question.

It irks me to no end, that I have to keep one account there, namely the one associated with my Flickr account. I’m stuck with that forever. If it wasn’t for Flickr, I’d wish they’d just vanish from the surface of the Earth.

13 thoughts on “What I hated the most [181/365]

    1. Yeah, all those animations … that’s what kept me away from there in the first place. Stupidly, I’d used a Yahoo-address as recovery email (what was I thinking?), long time ago, and last night I wanted to correct that. What a mess!

  1. For me, Yahoo is no different than AOL, just plain dumb old technology. I have always despised Yahoo. It’s incredibly stupid that you must have a Yahoo account to access your Flickr too, even though I don’t use it. Yahoo should vanish!

  2. Yahoo is impenetrable. I never got in my own account again after I forgot my password. I’m not keen on giving away my phone number either, so it was impossible to recover my account. I remember hating it fiercely too, so I’m with you on this one. Anyway, no self-respecting company calls themselves Yahoo. So their name says it all.

    1. It’s a ridiculous name (supposedly an acronym of Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle). Imagine, having to say that, when someone asks for your email addy?! I’m so over them …

  3. As you know I left Yahoo a year or so ago. GMX makes me crazy but not as crazy as Yahoo did! And as I have no Smart phone or cell phone of any sort I couldn’t keep an account there. Sometimes this whole email things is ridiculous….. 😉

    1. I honestly prefer Outlook.com over Gmail, but I keep them both. No problem with any of them.

      Some people have had their Yahoo accounts for years, and find switching being too much of a hassle — I guess that’s how it survives.

  4. I too keep an account there for Flickr (and my junk mail). I went to look at something yesterday and noticed they wanted me to use my phone to sign-in vs my password. I eventually found my way to the password page but it took much longer than necessary! It’s absurd and I despise sites that force you to use your phone like that. I’ve already started making the jump over to Google Photos and I think I’ll continue on that path…

    1. Yes, I hate that too — being forced! There must be oodles of people who still don’t have one! I signed up 2005 for Flickr, and to somehow move the amount of photos I have there is an unsurmountable task.

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