more blue [180/365]

IMG_3016Just received a bottle of blue ink, that I’d ordered from Amazon. This little glass bottle was delivered by FedEx.

It’s something about FedEx … I always expect it to be at least a box of some sort, not a lightweight envelope. Anyway, it’s here now. I’ve found this Cross ink to be the most fast-drying, even when I write on the extremely, smooth paper in my Clairefontaine notebook. I still write with my hand in the hooked position, so I keep dragging it over the text. Not one sign of smudging!

The other day, I learned something new, from an acquaintance. He’d posted a photo of his new fountain pen on Facebook, and we started talking a little about that. Turns out I can fill up the empty cartridges with regular ink, by using a syringe with a long needle. I had no idea, and wouldn’t have come up with it, myself, either.

This whole thing, with the fountain pen, has been such a delightful experience! Just the fact that I can use one, in spite of being left-handed, plus the fact that at this ripe age, I’m getting a fairly decent handwriting — something I always wished for. Not that I have much to write, but there are people who have thought of that already: 18 things to do with an empty notebook. So now I can make use of, at least some, of my notebooks. Not the Moleskine ones, though — they’re not for fountain pens. I write my three Morning Pages still … I’m up to perhaps eight days now, and I still like it.

7 thoughts on “more blue [180/365]

    1. Rebekah M

      Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed journaling, and I tend to think it makes a difference to put pen to paper, as opposed to fingers to the keyboard.

  1. Mara Eastern

    Still keeping up with your morning pages? It’s starting to become a thing! 😉 I think that’s possibly the best way to make use of an empty notebook. I looked at some of the ideas in your link, and I found the suggestion to keep track of one’s expenses extremely depressing. Morning pages are so much better.

    1. Rebekah M

      Ha ha! No WAY I would do the expenses thing 😊. Blog worthy topics, could be something, though. Morning Pages feel really good.

      1. Mara Eastern

        The expenses suggestion was particularly depressing, but I wasn’t too inspired by any of the others either. Probably I’m not at the right stage to start filling in a notebook yet.

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