Bedrag [175/365]

Last Saturday (the 18th of June) a new TV-series begun here on CBC, our Canadian broadcaster: “Follow the Money”. They had been advertising it for quite some time, and I was really looking forward to it. It’s Danish, and from the same guy who produced The Killing, which we enjoyed. “Nordic Noir” they said, and I like that.

I knew it was set to start on Saturday night at 9 o’clock our time. When Saturday night rolled around, it had flown out the window! Quite amazing for a person who has nothing else to keep track of. Perhaps I need to set up reminders on my phone?!

The first episode was a double, so … two hours. In order to catch up to this coming Saturday, I decided to watch them online. Started by going to CBC’s website on the computer. Brought up the show and started watching, but that was too painful. It was as if we’d been on a dial-up connection … throughout the show, the video kept sort of “stuttering”, the sound wasn’t synchronized with the lip movement.

Downloaded the CBC app to my iPad and tried it there. Excellent quality, but there I got commercials?! I don’t know what the deal is with that — I’m so not used to watching TV on the computer, and I’m looking forward to watching it the regular way on Saturday. If I remember it …

18 Replies to “Bedrag [175/365]”

  1. Ah, we have that series. I watched a few of the episodes and then it dropped off the radar. I like the Mads character because he seems real and also a bit reckless. What about you?

    1. So far, I too like the Mads character. The other ones seem a bit too … ‘glossy’ to me. There’s one guy in there who speaks Swedish, and I ‘jumped’ as soon as I heard my own language in the midst of all the Danish.

      It’s far from The Killing/Forbrydelsen.

  2. I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently, so I added those on my watch list – of course it depends on if I’m able to get hold of it or not. Incidentally, yesterday I saw the first episode of The Bridge and enjoyed it – I’m a bit fed up with US TV, and this is pleasantly different. Curiously, also this series was kidnapped by the Americans and a US version was made. I find it strange that one country would remake another country’s series rather than simply buying it and showing it with subtitles or dubbing.

    1. The Bridge is one of my all-time favourites! I know there’s an American version of it, which I haven’t seen. I don’t know why they do that … so it will fit better into their culture, or something, perhaps. The Killing, I’ve only seen the American version, which actually wasn’t bad at all. Would love to see the Danish original, but can’t get ahold of it.

      1. Now at episode three of The Bridge and it’s getting even better. I think it’s my new favourite! The woman detective is hilarious and so lovable in a weird way.

        To remake a show so that it fits better the US culture? Well, that’s probably the idea, but I can’t see why anyone would do that. The Bridge’s not being US is part of its attraction for me. I love the landscapes and the actors, it’s different and good. After The Bridge, I’ll proceed to The Killing, I’ll see if I’ll go for the US or the Scandinavian version (if I’m able to get hold of any in the first place), but I’m biased towards the latter.

        1. Saga is my favourite, and I loved the interaction between her and her Danish counterpart, Martin.

          I haven’t been able to get ahold of Forbrydelsen so I’ve only seen the American adaption The Killing. That was the first time I’ve enjoyed a remake that much. They’d managed to capture the mood and the darkness of it all. The main, male character is Swedish, by the way.

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