This is a little strange [aside]

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 17.23.11

This is the first post I see in my WordPress reader right now.

I assume someone must have changed his or her blog privacy settings to “Private’. Someone I’m following, but they’re not telling me who?!

21 Replies to “This is a little strange [aside]”

          1. Apparently they went private then. You have to request that they let you in. Same as on Instagram, many people are private there.

  1. I can see the same thing right now in my Reader. It happened to me before and I never figured out what was wrong. There was no way to identify which site this is coming from. A mystery!

  2. I have this same thing showing up every couple of weeks lately. I have no idea who it is. And why would I being sent a message about it if I can’t get in!

  3. That seems a bit extreme, not even to know who has made their site private.

    It reminds me of the superinjunctions we have in the UK where it is illegal to report even that there is an injunction.

    1. Yes, it does. I read up on the superinjunctions now … fascinating stuff 😏 in its own way.

      Now I just learned from Mara that she had the same thing, so I guess it’s just some glitch.

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