empty [174/365]

When you’ve written three pages by hand in the morning, then your mind is pretty much emptied out. Morning Pages aren’t good for blogging, I can tell you that much. I’ve not committed myself to doing it, but it’s fun — I want to do it, so for four days in a row now, I’ve picked up that notebook, first thing. The notebook itself belongs to a series named Unplugged, fittingly enough 🙂.

Today, I was going to leave the blogging until later, but then I saw WordPress’ daily prompt, which happened to be “Empty” LOL.

I notice how difficult it is to go back to ballpoint pen once you’ve started using a fountain pen. Right now, I’m waiting for new cartridges for my pen, to be delivered from Amazon, they might arrive today or tomorrow. Staples is the only store here in town that sells this type of stuff, and their selection is very limited. They didn’t have cartridges for my slim pen.

If I’m going to continue on with these Morning Pages, I certainly have to be more adamant in jotting down blogging subjects during the day. Writing those pages as a stream of consciousness clears your mind completely, and I certainly don’t want to break my little blogging undertaking now, when I’ve come this far.



13 Replies to “empty [174/365]”

  1. Thanks you for sharing your experiences. Well in that video I shared on Lavendaire (i think), she basically said that it helped with her creativity. May be in the 3 pages here is a hidden gem of a blog post waiting to be found, or may be even 3 ?

    I don’t do the morning pages first thing – i do them later. In the morning I am to busy reading, meditations and setting my intention . I only do morning page later in the day and when I am extremely all over the place to clear the muck out, but I have often found a blog post in the pages.

    Thanks for sharing I enjoyed it.

    1. Yes, I think this is very much an individual thing. If I were to do it, it would have to be first thing in the morning — not even turning on the phone or the computer.

      In the long run, I do think, too, that there could be food for a blog post in there, but not now at this stage. Way too personal.

      1. Oh i Forgot to say is the picture your handwriting ? you have lovely handwriting – oh mine is soooo awful, because I type all day – I think i have forgotten how to write.

        That is why i like old school – just to keep me writing and i actually make less mistakes when I handwrite.

  2. Good idea about jotting down blogging topics.

    Maybe writing is itself a biggish part of why you write – and the requirement to publish or have an audience is secondary or separate?

    And maybe this is a stage you are going through (ha ha) and in a week or two you will be on track to do the morning exercise and also have stuff in your mind to blog about?

    1. It all started with the fountain pen. Writing (longhand), in itself became fun again. It had been so many years …
      This could very well be a stage 🙂, and I’m actually interested myself, to see whether it’s going to last. The woman who “invented” the concept of Morning Pages said “write even though you don’t feel like it”. I’m waiting to see when that happens.

      To have some kind of audience is the most important part — I would never write here “just for myself”.

  3. I imagine one can only do so much self-expression before exhausting all inspiration. Interesting to hear that you jot down possible blogging subjects during the day 😉 So do I. Though I rarely end up using them because when I get down to blogging, the original inspiration is gone.

    1. In the best of cases, I remember to jot them down, as soon as I think about them. It doesn’t happen all that often. I do have a few that I’ve never used though … could come in handy one day 🙂

  4. that is an exceptional picture Rebekah. One worthy of framing. I could see that hung above someone’s writing desk .

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