It was that time again [173/365]

DSC_9984McDuff was due for his pedicure again. His claws were like daggers. Called up the vet and got an appointment for this morning. I’m so scared they’ll grow in to his pads. That happened with my first cat, Hadassah, and I didn’t even notice. Cats seem to have a different pain threshold compared to us humans. She also had such a big fur, so the swelling from the infection wasn’t visible until it burst one night. Of course, it had to be in the middle of the night, when nothing’s open (I did find a vet who was on call that night, though).

Now, these trips with McDuff to the vet, are always painful. They aren’t getting any better with time either. They’re painful for us all; for him, because he’s frightened out of his wits of the whole thing, starting with the car ride. Painful for us, because we can’t do anything to help him. We can’t make him understand that this is a necessary evil.

Normally, he senses beforehand, that something’s afoot, because I usually bring out the carrier. Today, though, I didn’t do anything until the very last minute. I brought out the cage, grabbed him, put him in there, before he even had time to react. That didn’t really help, but it shortened the amount of suffering time.
RipReady-TunaPcs-YF-85g-eng+frAll is well now. He’s recovered and had a pouch of Clover Leaf Tuna.

26 thoughts on “It was that time again [173/365]

    1. Rebekah M

      Oh my … that would be unimaginable, even if we had one! 🙂 Hadassah, though … she got to travel on all modes of transportation, 18-wheeler included. She never complained, or peed in her carriage.

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Something similar works for trips to the vet here too, but thankfully it’s never been as traumatic as what you describe for poor McDuff… ):
    Not sure if this means something, and I know there were pre existing comments but at first they didn’t want to load and then suddenly I was “the first to leave a comment”? Hmm… (Doing a copy, just in case; )

        1. Rebekah M

          I’d pay. I’ve called around to almost all of them — never found one. I’ve even asked people who have pets here, if they know of any, but no.

  2. Mara Eastern

    Clover leaf tuna? Fancy! Says a person who feeds her cat spinach salmon meat pouches 😉 I’m quite fortunate that my cat doesn’t require regular trips to the vet. And I’m even more fortunate that when the necessity arises, she doesn’t freak out – I freak out because she stays disturbingly quiet and calm. Probably too scared to even attempt anything.

    1. Rebekah M

      He doesn’t say much, but he’s absolutely terrified. Usually he pees (or the other) in his carriage, out of pure fright. It feels awful having to do this to him. Today, as I was going out, he sort of backed off, as he was scared I was going to grab him again.

      1. Mara Eastern

        That sounds even worse than I thought. Poor dear kitty. There are probably some things that individual cats can’t cope with. For my cat, it’s the vacuum cleaner. She’s still scared of it, a year and a half after us cohabiting and me vacuuming daily. It never hurt her, but she always runs when I take the vacuum out.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Okay, so in that case try this… Just be sure to grab him, in the exact same way and put him in the carrier – don’t even close the door at first – but then proceed to do nothing but give treats or chin scratches or whatever he loves best for a minute or so – so he will also associate “good” things with the motion and not just “bad”, hey? Then you can close the door… gradually build up the time, even carry him around the apartment for a bit, walk up and down the hall to the elevator and back, go one floor down and come back, etc; gradually get him used to being in the carrier and it not just being an instrument of terrifying experiences…

  4. Nylabluesmum

    I agree with Deb…you CAN retrain McDuff to see the carrier as an OK object! I leave Dharth Henry’s out all the time with a Minkie blanket & 3 toys in it & he sleeps in it at nite. he goes in w/out a problem.
    I used to do that with Nylablue…she would resist only because se had such extensive treatment every week.
    And with Mingflower I never left the carrier out & she was scared when I did bring it out….
    I wish now I had left it out for her….cats are so sensitive aren’t they Rebby???

  5. daydreamer2011

    Poor McDuff… and you!! But what a relief for all of you when you are back home and he gets a treat too!


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