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Before blogging came around, many people had home pages (=web page), me included. I wrote up the HTML in Windows Notepad. Learning the basics of HTML was so much fun — I felt elated I could write some simple tags and make them appear on the web as a page. That also goes to prove how easy it is to learn something new when you really want to and it’s fun. Mind you, this was back in 1997, so I had to learn a whole, new way of thinking. How go get it from my computer, out, onto the web, for example. I needed an FTP-client (file transfer protocol). Nowadays, you wouldn’t necessarily need that for a simple web page — you just hit the upload button, the same way as you upload an image here in WordPress.

My pages mainly consisted of tables and frames. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) had yet to be invented. You could play around with tables endlessly, change the looks of them with very little effort.

Red Green Ivory
Blue Teal Rosybrown
Maroon Linen Forestgreen


I made it easy for myself, in this little example, and used only named colours. Otherwise, colours are written like this #527CD0, which produces THIS blue colour.

The HTML-code to the above little table would look like  this:

<table style="width: 50%;">
<td style="background-color: red;">Red</td>
<td style="background-color: green; color: white;">Green</td>
<td style="background-color: ivory;">Ivory</td>
<td style="background-color: blue; color: white;">Blue</td>
<td style="background-color: teal; color: white;">Teal</td>
<td style="background-color: rosybrown;">Rosybrown</td>
<td style="background-color: maroon; color: white;">Maroon</td>
<td style="background-color: linen;">Linen</td>
<td style="background-color: forestgreen; color: white;">Forestgreen</td>

Imagine all the typos you can make while doing this! I’m used to typing colour as opposed to color, for example, and I didn’t even use borders in it. It’s easy to miss out on a semicolon or a “. One woman in our group, spent hours trying to figure out why the image wouldn’t appear centered. Turned out she was in the U.K. and had typed <centre> instead of <center> 🙂

Once you have it down, it gets easier to alter stuff, like here, with borders:

Red Green Ivory
Blue Teal Rosybrown
Maroon Linen Yellow

Typing up this post made me somewhat tired, but thankful for the WordPress editor. My online life doesn’t require HTML-tables anymore.

(Not much of this will be visible, if you’re reading in the WordPress Reader on your mobile device.)

34 Replies to “Home Page [172/365]”

        1. 🙂

          I don’t know if something’s afoot with WordPress today, or if it’s on my end. The dashboard won’t load, and nothing else either, for that matter (I’m on the computer).

                1. It could be browser related. I keep forgetting I have a WP-app on my computer. In here, everything’s working, so I’ll clean out my cache now, in Safari.

  1. I would lose my ever-loving dyslexic brain! Well, seriously, I have done a bit of that setting up websites. The key is to work in complete silence! for me, anyway.

    1. I know absolutely nothing about.php. This, at least, could be fun at times … when you got it to look exactly the way you wanted to 😺

  2. Awe, a techie post ❤ My day is complete! Seriously.

    I only started learning HTML this year, so I do HTML 5 and only occasionally come across older versions of HTML – often in WYSIWYG editors. I am aware though that tables were used for layout earlier. And I understand the attraction! Since it’s not the standard in HTML 5, I avoid doing that. I even get all worked up when I see a WYSIWYG editor that puts a form in a table – not legit today. Your table, however, is beautiful. No kidding 🙂 And used the right way, of course – to display data.

    It does make one feel powerful when you are able to write a page from scratch. I love the sense of full control 😉 And basic HTML is quite easy. As to the American versus British English, I’ve found that now, many things work even in British – I think “colour” worked for me. But I don’t recall in what context. Now I tried to use “colour” in the W3Schools Try It editor and it didn’t work. Anyway, I’ve learned to switch to US English when coding.

    All in all, thank you for making my day with your table 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 You bring up another thing, that wasn’t even around back then: the number after HTML. HTML5 you say, there wasn’t even 1. CSS came into play, right then, while I was still at it, so I got the basic workings of that too. Then I stopped. Not deliberately … it just stopped, probably because I saw no need for doing it anymore, and other things took over. Blogging, for example. Back then, the differences between browsers were much greater too … meaning, which browser accepted this or that.

      It’s been such a long time. I was happy to see that I’m still able to produce a simple table with colours.

      1. The names for the different versions of HTML as they evolved through time are hugely misleading. At the bottom of this page there’s a nice overview of them.

        Tables are no way that simple though, so it’s quite a thing that you can code one 🙂

  3. I read the whole thing comments included and understood nothing.

    Great post .

    Now which one of you techie’s could tell me how to get rid of DuckDuckGo?

    1. You have got that as your default search engine? Is that on the iPad? In that case it’s: Settings > Safari. You tap on Search Engine, it’s the first line.

      1. What a surprise to receive an answer, alas, it is on my HP laptop. I have followed all their instructions. Unfortunately not all PCs are alike. Nothing works so today I am going to remove Mozilla; then reinstall.

        Thank you, Rebecca.

        1. But it’s in the settings of the browser … usually under Preferences > Search. Some button you hit about “Default Search Engine” … don’t remember what Mozilla looked like.

            1. In the search bar, there is a small arrow to the right of the search icon (magnifying glass)
              Click the arrow and then select “Manage Search Engines”
              Select the search provider you prefer.
              Click on ‘Set as Default’ button.

            1. Starting page is also under Preferences somewhere — probably General. They ask you which page you want when you start … like “current page” or custom …

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