16 Replies to “WP Weekly ~ Curves [170/365]”

  1. Wow that is one awesome photo and yes for sure!! There are some wonderful curves in the nature!! 🙂

    (and yay I finally caught up on your posts! I’ve had a wonderful start of my morning reading your blog posts! So thanks for the “company”!!)

    1. Thank you, Mona! It was a bit of a shocker, waking up to see 65 emails in my Inbox LOL I don’t know how you do it, but thanks! 🙂 I doubt I could do that. I remember how I used to get “behind” in my blog reading, and most often I gave up. Now I don’t subscribe to all that many, so it’s manageable and I read every morning, anyways so …

      1. LOL so sorry about all the emails!! Oh I would never give up on reading YOUR blogs!! Just been tired, and preoccupied in my head and LAZY too… hopefully I will get back to my normal routines now when summer is over. I want to get back to reading my books again! Haven’t read for many months!!

        1. Yeah, and you have all the art too! I read a bit every night — I have to, otherwise I can’t fall asleep. Jan Guillou has a new one out, but it’s not as eBook in my library yet.

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