Canada’s National Bird [169/365]

You’d think it should be the Canada Goose, huh?! Not so … it’s the Loon. We went out for a spin yesterday, in the sunny but cool weather. While waiting for the ferry, over to the peninsula, I saw something out in the water:


It isn’t all that common to see them, and this was shot from afar. They’re always so low in the water, but you can still see the truly amazing pattern of its feathers.

It’s a wonderful time right now — the apple blossom period is just over, and now we have all the wild flowers out in full force. Lupines and flox, for example. I just love these colours!


17 Replies to “Canada’s National Bird [169/365]”

      1. I didn’t know that coin was added. Great idea. There was talk a while back about eliminating the US one cent penny but apparently that isn’t going to happen.

      1. Thanks for correcting me about the Phlox. Never saw it written before. In English one should never take anything for granted, I should have learnt that by now.

        The Loon’s call is eerie and melancholy-sounding., but beautiful at the same time.

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