Mid June [167/365]

It’s mid June and 8ºC (46ºF)! We’ve had a long period of unseasonably cold, and rainy weather. This sunny morning, the sudden light feels hard on the unaccustomed eyes.

Found this lovely Iris in the park yesterday. I love the colours of it.  Got out of the car to count the ducklings. The skies opened up as soon as I stepped out, but I managed to get this. They were all sleeping on a rock, in one big, fuzzy heap, but the mother heard me coming, so she got them all out in the water.


They’re still 8! The other  day, I thought she’d lost one but they’re difficult to count sometimes. It’s not common that the whole batch is intact — usually a few get lost … they become someone’s evening snack, I guess. Raccoon supper. I’ve only seen one fox in the park, and that was several years ago. They might be around, though. I’ve never got a real, good fox picture, except once and he was in the zoo so it doesn’t count the same way.


10 Replies to “Mid June [167/365]”

    1. Yes, I do 🙂 The mother would be extremely upset, so I hold myself back. Saw a picture last night from the wildlife rescue place, here in Nova Scotia, where she had a bunch in the bathtub 🙂

    My FAVE flower in whole world Rebby!
    And those ducklings are adorable. Our weather is still cool here also. I think it is going to be sunny & seasonal this weekend. Hope so, I have a 2 day garage sale to work at……

    1. Iris is way up there on my list too. Today, we’ve had a mixed bag. One second, brilliant sunshine, and next some cloud decided to empty itself …

      1. Same here today…alternating cloudy with flashes of sunshine!
        I got 2 pix of the Irisies in gardens here. Once I do new blog I shall put them up…I love love love Irises!!!!

  2. It has been such strange weather so far this year, hasn’t it? But, with less than a week until it’s Officially Summer, it looks like we may have turned a corner? Hmm… What with overnight lows in the ‘teens and daytime highs @ 25*/+) perhaps a little too suddenly Summer? ):

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