picasa [166/365]

Picasa used to be my photo editor of choice for a long time. In March this year, Google shut down the support of it, and I didn’t even notice.

It was an alright editor for me, it could handle the .RAW format I shoot in, and the basics. It synced between the desktop app and what was called Picasa Web Albums. The desktop app will still work, but won’t be updated anymore, so in the long run it will cease to work.

Now, there’s Google Photos instead. I have an automatic back-up app, here on the computer. It does the job well, but I find it difficult to search for a particular picture in Google Photos, even though they’re tagged. I understand they want to focus on one thing. Picasa had many, handy features and had I not had PhotoShop now, I would have been really saddened by its demise.

Flickr, which is my main photo storage place, is much better in the way of search. The only thing that scares me about Flickr, is that it’s owned by Yahoo.

I think it was when I got Aperture I stopped using Picasa. Aperture, which I loved to hate, altered my whole file system on the computer … everything changed, but I’ve actually kept that folder system even though the programme itself didn’t last long with me.


12 thoughts on “picasa [166/365]

  1. I never used Picasa – unless perhaps I did by accident when I was using Blogger.

    Have you used Apple Photos that is built into the Mac?

    Did you see the announcement from Apple yesterday at WWDC. They said you will be able to keep full resolution photos in the cloud and free up space on your hard drive with Mac. I think that is going to be part of OS Sierra when that comes out.

    1. Since I didn’t have PhotoShop for a long time, I found Picasa good, thanks to the fact it could handle RAW.

      Haven’t used Apple Photos much. It just sits there.

      I saw it, and I’m looking forward to Sierra now. They’ve changed from OS X to macOS, I noticed. Seems logical.

  2. You’re scared of Yahoo? It’s true that my experience with Yahoo was mildly scary too – couldn’t get in my email there, which I had to set up to use some of their services, probably Flickr or something, and it was impossible to retrieve the password. Ended up setting up a new email. I still have to figure out how to backup my photos online – haven’t decided which service to use. It will be probably Google, but first I need to do what I do – read the manual ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Nah … I’m not scared OF them. It just worries me they could go belly-up anytime.

      You can no longer sign up for Yahoo without a smartphone.

      I’ve used Flickr since I started, so I’m kind of stuck there. I like to have a cloud backup, and I trust if/when they go away, there will be some kind of solution in place.

      Did you see that Microsoft bought LinkedIn?

      1. I see. Yahoo is as weird as its name. I didn’t see that Microsoft bought LinkedIn – I need to find a news site with tech news only to follow – and I’m not sure what the implications are. Hardly anyone uses LinkedIn in CZ.

          1. Ok, I admit my dumbness, I don’t even know on the spot how many zeroes there are in a billion ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Thanks for the tips on tech sites, seriously, I know them from the Silicon Valley series but I thought they were fictional! I really should start to use my brain.

              1. I know one million with the six zeroes, though, sadly, I don’t have any personal experience with such a figure ๐Ÿ˜‰ More than six zeroes I always Google and always forget.

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