LOL [161/365]

Often I find myself typing LOL. Not so much in email as in blogs and comments. I don’t like it.

It has become habitual — as if LOL has turned into a word in itself. You certainly wouldn’t hear me laughing out loud all that often, let alone ROFL (rolling on the floor, laughing). That latter just won’t happen, I’m not that type of person. I smile at the best. It would have to be an extremely good joke before I’d laugh out loud. One like this:

Q: Why can’t the pony sing “Happy Birthday”?

A: Because he’s a little hoarse.

For some reason, it’s handy to type LOL when you’re typing real fast, like I am. Handier than doing colon + right parenthesis 🙂 .  There are many ‘schools’, and there are people that don’t like the graphic smiley. I don’t have a real opinion on that, but I don’t like the LOL — it just isn’t me. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m taciturn, but you certainly wouldn’t see me slapping myself on the knees in convulsions of loud laughter LOL (!).

Speaking of loud; quite often I see, in Facebook Groups, how people write aloud instead of allowed?! Too often to be just a typo, and too many people do it. I wonder if they’re using the voice thing on the phone, and not typing in their comments?!

The above bunch of ducklings is new. Not the same as the ones I’ve posted before. Picture from yesterday in Rockwood Park.


36 Replies to “LOL [161/365]”

  1. Hmm… Perhaps they don’t realise the proper usage of the words? For instance: that, in the library, you’re not allowed to speak aloud?
    (But then again, it might just be that stupid Autocorrect; )

    1. Yes, it could be auto-correct. I’ve thought of that. It’s just that in one group, more than any other, it’s becoming increasingly common.

    1. Yes, in texting it comes in even more handy. It’s as if it has lost its original meaning … at least that’s how I feel. It merely indicates that one is smiling.

  2. Those ducklings are adorable. Their markings are lovely.
    And I try to use emoticons but sometimes the LOL just slips out. I rarely roll on the floor…unless I have fallen & there certainly is NO laughter.
    I do not mind LOL or ROFL or ROFWL or MOL or BOL… does help express our emotion in a particular way.
    And as for ‘aloud’ when it should be ‘allowed’ where do people learn to spell???
    Maybe it is like some Southern Americans who say “I axed her for that cup.” when it should be “I asked her for that cup.”
    And the term Police become the POE-LEASE…that is hilarious to me!!!

    1. I don’t mind them either, really — it’s just that LOL has changed, at least for me. It’s just to show I’m smiling/showing amusement.

      Yeah, the ‘axed’ or ‘aksed’, used to intrigue me so much, when I first came here. They seem to switch the consonants around?! I don’t know what’s up with that. And now that you mention the Poe-lease … I’ve heard that too LOL

      1. Same for me! LOL shows amusement. I think many people use it in that way now.
        It s a Southern thing…somehow they hear ‘X’ an opposed to ‘S’.
        And the Pole-lease is like IN-surnace…
        We say Insurance as one word but Southerners split it into 2 words by saying In-surance… is sort of cool.

  3. Aloud for allowed makes about as much sense as tassitly for tacitly. But I guess autocorrect is involved, it makes such a mess.

    There are schools that prefer 😉 to :-; ? LOL… I had no idea. I think the abbreviation for expressing my kind of amusement is missing, it would be something like LH, Laughing Hysterically. While not rolling on the floor. Because cat hair.

    1. Yes, tassitly wouldn’t make much sense to anyone, but when you google it you get a few hits on the misspelt ones. So yes, I think it’s either autocorrect or voice.

      When I started out, they used LOL, S (smile), EG (evil grin) and so on, and then the 😉 came around. Kids, nowadays, probably only know about LOL.

      No rolling on the floor here either (for the same reason). Only times I’ve been down on the floor, have been to take a belly shot of McDuff 🙂

      1. Oh, evil grin, I like that. Heard of it before but am not really sure how to achieve it. I wish all smileys were doable with writing some text in between colons, like in this WP smiley manual, at the bottom of the page. I simply can’t remember all the punctuation marks I need to type when I want a cat, for example: 🐱 Let me see what happens when I type the cat punctuation in between code tags: =^-^= .

              1. I think it is an Apple Cat. Apple is a mystery to me. I did actually change the fonts on my blog recently, it’s FF Meta Serif for headings and FF Meta for body. I don’t love it, but it’s a change 😉 !

  4. I love lol and am thinking of using it in my day to day language. I have even slapped my knee on occasion. I do laugh out loud often. LOL Hope this made you lol.

  5. I know lol a lot… It IS an easy way to show I am amused! But of course I do not really laugh out loud that often, more like you smiling! But it goes so much faster to type down lol than “smile” or “smiling” Oh it would be much faster to do 🙂 but for some reason I end up typing lol instead! 😛

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