overhaul [157/365]

Design update

This blog page got a new look yesterday. It’s sporting theme Rowling. For five months, I’ve used Toujours with the exception of a few days here and there. Rowling, I’ve had a hard time making up my mind about, but right now; I like it. Spent almost two hours, all in all, to get it to my liking. If I weren’t able to do the CSS adjustments, I wouldn’t like it at all. I pay a lot of attention to the front/index page, even though nobody ever sees it except myself. Typically, my readers would go straight to the actual blog post, from their email or WordPress Reader. It’s rare I spend this much time on a theme. Choosing the colours was what took the longest. Normally, I copy and save all the CSS code, in case I want to go back. Noticed in my folder, that I’ve saved lots of them, without telling which theme it was for. Clever … NOT!

Duckling update

DSC_0183Last time I looked in the pond, they were still 8. Yesterday, the ones in the pond weren’t out, but the ones in the lake were. I was thinking of how marvellous it must feel to hold a little duckling in one’s hand, so I shared that thought with my husband. “As long as you don’t walk away with it”, he said … “that would be abducktion!”



15 Replies to “overhaul [157/365]”

  1. OK, first of all, your husband is hilarious. A shame he’s married 😮

    Also, the front page, of course you’d spend time on it! I always do… Though I suspect that most of my readers use their WP Reader – as do I – so they don’t even get to see what my blog looks like, the front page or the individual post page. While I know I could only show excerpts in the Reader, I thought I’d make it easy on the user and allow the whole post to display in the Reader…

    Rowling is still my favourite theme – I’m vaguely unhappy with it, but I can’t see any I’d like better in the themes available at the moment – I wish new themes were coming up more often… It’s great how you can customise the theme though – that is, provided that you know CSS. The smart/dumb Customiser doesn’t really offer many options. I do like the way you cascaded your blog – especially the header! Btw, if you think of changing the background colour of the posts area – via Customiser or CSS, check how it looks on mobile – I think there’s a bug.

    Sorry for writing a novel instead of a comment, I always get excessively excited when it comes to these tech things 😳

    1. Love the novel [and my husband LOL]. Funny you should mention it; at the same time as you wrote this, I was sitting here, testing background colours for the post area [#fffff0], but decided against it.

      I have it set to excerpts in the Reader … because I’m mean, I’m forcing them to either read, or just hit Like. Now I’m thinking perhaps I have a better chance of getting them read if I set it to full posts.

      New themes used to be released much more frequently. Don’t know what happened there. Can you imagine the work it must take to create a fullblown WP-theme from scratch!

      I’m vaguely unhappy with Rowling too, but I like the looks of it.

      1. The time of wild background patterns and images is surely over, but I was thinking of a very light grey background – mostly for my own sake because my eyes are very sensitive to brightness. I often set my working background to light grey even when writing a Word document. And of course I have the brightness of all screens toned down to minimum (5% on my laptop, 0% on my phone 😮 ).

        Your choice of showing excerpts in the Reader makes as much sense as my choice to show whole posts – there are pros and cons to both approaches and I was always undecided on this subject… Now I’m thinking I might switch to excerpts to make people actually come over to my carefully crafted blog 😉

        Hm, I imagine it’s not a piece of a cake to make a fully-fledged WP theme – on the other hand, I think you can re-use many bits of code from other themes… Not reverse engineering or stealing, it’s just that some things are inevitably the same in all themes. I could never make a WP theme, of course (though I’m very good at breaking WP themes on my self-hosted test blog – you accidentally delete or move a bit of some script and oops…), so I hugely admire anyone who does.

        1. We were just talking, here and now, about how hard bright light can be on the eyes. We have extremely dense fog this morning, and since the sun is up, it reflects the light … same thing with snow, I guess — it gets hard on the eyes.

          The light on my screen here, is set to somewhere in the middle.

          Most of them are built on one of those “Twenty ….”-themes.

          1. Sun and show are the worst. I wear prescription glasses and the lenses get tinted when the sun is out, but the tint is often not enough for me, so I mostly suffer on sunny days. Fortunately, I spend most of the time in my flat with the blinds down, so I don’t suffer much. Except I’m probably a bat. (Semi-blind and dark-loving.) Or a cat. (Nocturnal.)

            1. I’ve had that type of glasses once. It was nice. The ones I have now have nothing, and they’re awful for driving at night. But I don’t do that, only done it once in a couple of years.

              1. Driving at night? Funnily, I’m also mildly night blind, I see worse when it’s dark, so night driving was what I always tried to avoid. My eyes are really weird.

                1. It’s not really the darkness that’s the problem — it’s all the reflections, and with these glasses, it just gets too awful. Last time I tried, I said to myself “never again”. That might not be true — if I chose glasses that are treated against reflections next time … then we’ll see (!)

  2. Hilarious! If they weren’t so funny we would kick them out most likely. Haha.

    I have had the same theme since I have been here almost. I think I tried two others but always go back to what I have. I don’t even know what it is called.

  3. abducktion. oh that is just terrific. He and my G would get along so well. Similar wit.
    This theme looks very neat and tidy.

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