very funny man [156/365]

DSC_0173Bought another, potted plant in the grocery store yesterday. I’d been eyeing it for some time, and decided to go for it. Back home, I brought it out of the bag and showed it to my husband, Gerry. He looked at it, with a serious facial expression and said: “Do you really think that’s enough lettuce for both of us?!!”

You can imagine how I burst out laughing! This plant, however, is a relative of the fern, and it’s supposed to purify the air in here. Good luck with that!

Later on in the evening, I’d finally managed to sort out my Flickr automatic upload app, here on the computer. That was a relief, as I’ve become very dependent on it. As we are only three in here, and cat McDuff couldn’t care less about my computer woes, it’s Gerry who has to listen to all this — the good, the bad and the ugly — and he does it with great patience. Oftentimes it’s about stuff he doesn’t use at all … he does understand it, but he’s more into the old Romans.

DSC_0169Anyway, back to the Flickr app; my relief was so great when I got it working again, so I felt this was something I got to share with Gerry. A long talk ensued, he inserted quite educated questions here and there, to show he was really listening. When I was about finished, he asked whether I thought the app was broken, or if perhaps I, myself, had done something to cause all this, to which I replied: “I think it was me!”. “Ahhh … okay, so you did something to upset the applecart?!”, he said. I stopped in my tracks, stared at him for split second. “Well, aren’t you a very, funny man today!!! First the lettuce and now this!”, I said, but he didn’t get it … just looked at me, with a questioning expression.

“Well”, I said … “the Apple cart …! I thought you meant the Mac, the Apple computer!” and we both burst out laughing. This also says something about me, how I tend to think of Apple first, and not fruit.

The title of this post — Very Funny Man — just goes to show how the Seinfeld series managed to cover almost any little trivial aspect of life. They created a catch phrase and milked it for one episode so you never forgot it. You might think I’m some kind of Seinfeld fanatic, which I’m not, but these  things just keep popping up in day-to-day-life. In the episode “The Café”, Babo started out by saying to Jerry Seinfeld, “you’re a very, funny man”, but in the end it turned out to be “you’re a very bad man!”


11 Replies to “very funny man [156/365]”

  1. ROFL>>>>>Oy Gerry IS a very funny man!!!
    lettuce!! I spit water all over myself when I read this…
    And the ‘apple cart’ statement was priceless. I totally ‘got’ where you were coming from Rebby!!!
    And funnily enough I LIKED that Seinfeld episode also……
    Nothing like a good laugh right??? 😉

  2. well see, I had the same reaction to him saying Applecart as you did! What is a day if we can’t have a giggle or two together.
    That plant is one I’ve not ever seen before.

  3. This is such a lovely tribute to your husband, who is not only entertaining but also a great conversation partner – it takes a lot not only to listen to someone talking about things you have no clue about but also to engage with questions. Thanks for reminding me that besides Apple, there is also apple.

    1. I know, that’s difficult, when you’re not really interested. All those old Roman’s he’s reading; Julius Caesar, Cicero, Pliny and many more … the only one I took a little interest in was Tacitus, as he gave me the blog name 🙂

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