11 Replies to “exotic colours [155/365]”

  1. We DO have colorful birds here! I love Redwinged Blackbirds! With the red & yellow patch on their wings. We have one who visits daily.
    Funny I never realized you didn’t have raccoons in your homeland!?

  2. You made up a colour! ❤ I wonder, is it web safe? 😉

    Until recently, I had no idea that raccoons existed. (Yes, I’m ashamed of my ignorance.) I’m starting to appreciate birds through your blog. Though my country has a shamefully poor selection of birds and the prevalent species is the pigeon, whose marks I’m constantly struggling to remove from my terrace.

    1. No, it’s not web safe 🙂

      I can only think of one bird, in my country, that’s at least little bit colourful, and he’s far from these guys.

  3. I love the gold finches too. I think of them as the truest sign of spring 🙂
    … And as I type this I can hear a cardinal in the background chirping out his call waiting for a response. We have many cardinals all year round and I never grow tired of seeing them … Although I’m less thrilled with their chirping at 4am 🙂

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