Gratitude 🙂 [154/365]

In the very last days of 2015, when I considered doing this “one blog a day”, I was loosely thinking of a gratitude theme. I’d read about it somewhere. There are oodles of sites for that, with tips and ideas. Supposedly, it’s good for your mind. A fellow “postaday-blogger” and I, talked about this in a separate conversation — how our posts would have been contrived. Now, a hundred and fifty four posts later, I’m filled with gratitude that I let go of the whole idea. I’m always thankful for lots of things — all the ordinary ones, like my health, my husband, our cat … having all my extremities intact … the list  goes on …  but I don’t think forcing myself to write about it every day would have bettered me as a person. Most likely, it would have sent me on a guilt trip for not being thankful enough, and I would’ve given this project up after a week or two.

But as I’m on  the subject of  gratitude (can you even start a sentence with “but”?),  I’ll just say I’m thankful for WordPress that makes all this possible. Not only can you blog your heart out for free (well, with ads), but they’ve also turned it into a blogging community. I’ve used other platforms, where nothing happens at all. Here, we have the Daily Post page, where we can get ideas, inspiration and even make new contacts. As much as we hated the “Beep Beep Boop” — at least they’re doing something. The other platform, owned by the big search engine, got an update, perhaps five years ago, and then it has stood still. They don’t even have threaded comments.



14 Replies to “Gratitude 🙂 [154/365]”

  1. Most likely, it would have sent me on a guilt trip for not being thankful enough, and I would’ve given this project up after a week or two.

    Besides me trying out the blockquote tag above, a tip from this old WP article on commenting, I really wonder if not being grateful enough is a thing. (I also wonder if this comment will end up with messy code.) I’m apparently in no danger of going on a guilt trip, I’m shockingly unapologetic about myself 😮

    The gratitude thing is to me on the same level as motivational quotes. A first world thing that just doesn’t apply in my context. I could be said to be grateful, but I’d rather use the word appreciate or feel good about it – it’s the usual small things, as you say, like when my Wi-Fi works, when my cat frolics, when I don’t have to get up in the morning… Not exactly exciting material for 365 posts 😉

    On an off-topic note, what’s that with the #445588 blue I can see in your social links buttons? Are you being unfaithful to #527CD0? 😉

    1. The blockquote worked like a breeze. Very nice. I’ve thought about it at times, to be able to do like I do in Gmail: highlight text I want to respond to, and hit “Reply”.

      Guilt is a poor choice of word, in this context. ‘Shameful’ would have been better … that’s how I feel when I see the guy without legs, downstairs, thinking about how I whine about trivial stuff. Nevertheless, this whole gratitude thing is definitely on the same level as motivational quotes; it’s trendy. While I was pondering it, I thought it would make it easier for me … to have a given subject every day. Quickly, and thankfully I woke up from that dream.

      I’d put in the colours the easy way, which resulted in that the social icons also got the #527CD0. It got too intense — I only like it for text. #445588 is dull, and later I will go in and change the colour of the social icons instead 🙂 perhaps to this?!

      1. Good that the blockquote worked 🙂 Code in comments is so handy.

        What happened to your social icons though? Have you gone asocial? Can’t see them… Anyway, I imagine you’re working on them behind the scenes. You put the colours in the easy way as in through the Customiser? That’s one little bugger, if you pardon my excited expression – a great idea poorly implemented. I often find it’s not working as it’s supposed to work. Does random things.

        Well, rationally, I know I should get over complaining about things as the WP Customiser and be glad I have all my limbs intact, but then, how you experience your life is so subjective. A legless person might actually be happier than a person with all limbs – though I don’t mean to downplay the extreme mental pressure such an affliction puts on the disabled person.

        1. Yes, some behind the scenes work going on 🙂 And yes, I meant the Customizer. It does unexpected things, especially when it comes to fonts. I’ve tried setting the font size to ‘Small’, in some themes, and then the font in the comments gets so little it gets unreadable. For example.

          An interesting thought, about the limbs. That particular guy I was thinking of, sure seems a lot happier than all of us others bunched together — at least on the surface.

  2. Ah Ha I see the word Gratitude here today! Gratitude is a funny thing Rebby. Most people think of it on a superficial level.
    Gratitude is stressed in 12 Step Programs to get us ‘out of ourselves’ & see the good things/people/situations we have in our lives that we are a) either not aware of or b) take for granted.
    Not all 12 Step Programs are for everyone; not all the principles work for all.
    This principle of thinking about Gratitude daily has helped me see that even when I think my Life is ‘so bad’; it could always be far worse (old days). Goes right with the slogan Remember When & when I do that I am filled with a feeling of Gratitude for the Life I have now.
    Also Gratitude is an action word. So the good we do each day shows our Gratitude.
    I am grateful that you & Maggie suggested WP to me when Multiply was discontinued. I had no clue where to go or what to do & both of you ladies gave me knowledge & support.
    Now I try to help others (with the simple things) on here….passing it on…paying it forward…..
    Life is of course cyclical…..
    All this from the 1st cup of coffee…must be high test!!!! LOL 🙂

    1. Oh wow … after one cup?! 🙂 That was marvellous, and you’re right on all points. Not all programmes work for all people, and I am prone to guilt. I know it can always get worse … much worse — I remember that well from 1985, when I thought nothing could get any worse than it was. Boy, I didn’t know anything … it had just started. But I won’t go there now. In general, I do think along those lines you describe here, I just didn’t want to go into all the details of it (here). It sure is cyclical, I’ve had my three mugs of coffee, and we’ll get out in this lovely June weather we’ve got. Thank you so much for this heartfelt comment, Sherri-Ellen 😻

      1. takes a bow
        I am bloody brilliant on 2 cups of coffee Rebby!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
        Thank you for your neverending friendship & support dear friend.
        I am so grateful we found each other all those years ago!!!
        Sisters in heart & mind!
        ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

        1. Heh! I did it myself, after one cup, on some other post yesterday. When it’s something one cares deeply about … it’s easy 🙂

          I am too, my friend (thankful). Purring hugs!

          1. I agree when one cares deeply it is easy to write!!
            Oh look we are having a discussion via our blogs & I am not being labeled SPAM! Very refreshing!!! ( nothing like a spot of sarcasm is there?)

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