new month ~ new edition [153/365]

Happy June, bloggeroos!

Balmoral May 9, 2016

What a difference to yesterday! We were enveloped in fog and dampness all day. We had a cruise ship in, but we couldn’t see it from the lookout point — not even the outlines of it. It was the first, big one, of the scheduled cruise ships this year. We had a small one, on the 9th of May, ย but she had got some stomach flu onboard. Of the 900 passengers, not too many got out on the town. Eeek! The one, yesterday, had close to two thousand passengers, so it looked almost a little crowded downtown.

DSC_9973As we drove in to the park, I said to my husband Gerry; โ€œWe could see the first ducklings just about any day now!โ€, and a minute later I noticed something in the pond … some little pileย sitting on a concrete pipe. Oh joy … cuteness overload ๐Ÿ™‚.




DSC_9990The first mother Duck I saw, had eight ducklings. When we got to the next lake, we saw another, new mother, and she had four little ones. Then my camera, or the memory card acted up, so for a while I thought I’d lost all the pictures, but they came back (!).


16 Replies to “new month ~ new edition [153/365]”

  1. “New malard edition”, that made me chuckle ๐Ÿ˜€ They are very cute. They seem cuter than our ducklings here. Or probably it’s that the grass is always greener on the other side, aka the ducklings are always cuter on the other side of the ocean.

    What do the cruise ships do though? They bring people from elsewhere with the option to visit the city?

    1. I honestly think they look the same, all over the world ๐Ÿ™‚

      That’s an excellent question; โ€œwhat do they do?โ€ People pay for going around on a cruise ship, eat, drink, visit little places like this. This particular one, yesterday (not the Barmoral, she came from Europe), they probably boarded in NYC. Then they go to places like Bar Harbor, Maine, Halifax, Nova Scotia and then here to Saint John. Then, I don’t know, perhaps back to NYC. Some go up St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. Caribbean cruises, they board in Florida. I’ve never been into this stuff.

      1. I see. It’s a dumb question to ask what pleasure cruises do, but it’s not what we do here – no ocean to cruise – so I was a bit struggling with the concept. I’d probably find it boring, but I can see that some people can enjoy this kind of holiday.

          1. I see. On the rare occasion that I go somewhere to see something, I only do so for the purpose of taking pictures. Otherwise I find having fun too boring.

  2. squeals with delight
    There is something so adorable & soulful about ducklings!!!! sighs
    Great photos Rebby!
    It is warmer here today with partly sunny skies>>>I can feel more humidity coming>>YUCK!
    I like it when it is mid 70’s & NO humidity… there anywhere like that on this planet, lol??????

      1. Interesting your idea about the numbers resetting though and that they were gone and came back… A bit of a warning, perhaps? You recall that conversation we had a while back and I asked if you do an actual physical back up to an external HD? Also strange that both you and Joss would have a similar problem… Perhaps the cloud isn’t always benign?

        1. No, this was an in-camera issue. I was out … there was no way I could have backed them up. There is pagination in the camera, and my personal philosophy is that it was that, which screwed things up … when it went from 9999 to 0000. Not sure though ๐Ÿ™‚

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