fundy tides [152/365]

These two pictures, I took with the iPhone yesterday, give you an idea of the tides here in Fundy Bay.  This is Long Wharf at low tide, obviously. Certain times the difference between high and low tide can be as great as 17 metres.

As a child, I read a bunch of children’s books by Enid Blyton. The group of five youngsters, were always out, solving some mysteries. They always had to watch out for the tides, in order not to be caught up in the caves.

Not knowing anything about tides, back then, I visualized it like some kind of tsunami! There aren’t any tides in the Gulf of Bothnia, where I grew up.  Thought it would come rolling in, in one, huge wave, and fast. Little did I imagine that much later in life I would get to experience the tides up close and personal.

A couple of years ago, we went to a beach south of here — Cranberry Head — with a picnic bag and all. I deliberately placed my chair way up on the beach, and didn’t move it until the tide reached my toes. I think of that when I listen to this Zack Brown Band-song 🙂

21 Replies to “fundy tides [152/365]”

  1. It is true that the tide isn’t “fast.” But, I can testify that if you are not paying attention, the situation can get problematic fairly quickly if you are in the wrong spot on the bay…

  2. The stranded ships are surreal and slightly scary, especially in combination with the light fog. I know of trainspotters, but tidespotters? That’s new to me 😉

  3. The Bay of Fundy is famous for its tides … the largest tidal range in the world. It kills me that I’ve never seen this Canadian phenomena that others from around the world have gone to explore.
    Sigh. Someday.

    1. Yeah, I hope you will. We have the Reversing Falls here. It’s quite interesting when you think about it. They’re trying to change the name to Reversing Rapids, which is more appropriate … “falls” is misleading.

  4. Wow look at those boats! And I was like you! When I were a kid I thought the water would come like a tsunami lol

    Great song by the way! Never heard it before! 🙂

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