a different outlook [148/365]

it’s a pond

I have an email account in Outlook.com. That used to be called first Hotmail, then Live.com or even MSN.com at one point. Either way, it’s all old Hotmail most people knew (you can still choose hotmail when you want to sign up there).

Some time last year, all of a sudden I was presented with a brand new interface, there in Outlook. Beautifully crafted, devoid of unnecessary graphics, just clean … and more importantly: it works. There was a button that said “Feedback”, I had a question … can’t remember now what it was, but I typed it in. The following morning, I had an answer from a real person. I’ve even found a support chat in there. Try to find support in Gmail, and good luck!

Now; I’m not writing this because I want to push for Microsoft. It was just this experience I had with the new in my email, led me to think about the new interface here in WordPress. How long has it taken, since we first saw the Beep Beep Boop? Two years? More? Is it finished yet? I have no idea.

When I started to type up this post, I was going to give one example of a feature that’s been removed. That’s why I put in the picture above. When I have a single image in a post, I want it to open in a new tab, when clicked. I was going to say that that’s no longer possible in the new interface, only to find out how to do it! Heh! It’s actually good: While in the editor, you click once on the picture, then on the link tool, the URL is already filled in, and there’s a box to tick for “open in new window/tab”. Serves me right, I guess, as I was going to write a whining post, griping about Calypso, as it’s called, this new.

In fact, that feature, was my last grievance about it, so now I can start to use it, fully. But I must say it took a long time, and I still don’t think they should have released it while it was half-finished.

On an unrelated note: when was the last time we saw an upgrade of Gmail’s interface? Perhaps it’s perfect as it is?!


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  1. I’m very surprised to hear of you Outlook feedback experience. I was clearly doing something wrong when I was trying to contact Microsoft with a problem concerning my billing. It was impossible to reach them.

    The other day I also tried to give Beep Bop a chance and started writing a post in it – I ended up switching to the old editor because I couldn’t get at several functions I needed. One of them was to resize a photo – actually resize it, not just change the display size. There were more. I nearly wrote a rant about it but then braced myself 😉

    1. There is actually a support chat in there! Can’t remember now, how I found it, but I chatted with a live person, and everything was sorted out.

      That’s the thing: we all use this in different ways; and yours is one that I never used [resizing]. What are the other things?

      Up until today, I always had to revert to the old, but now that I found out about the linking images, I’m going to give it a wholehearted try.

      1. A support chat sounds nice. Never tried one of these things – I can never think of a problem when a support chat pops up. I only seem to have problems when I’m support-less.

        I’m a very particular user, so it’s no huge surprise that Beep Bop doesn’t work for me well. I recall one more thing I always do, copying posts – it copies cats and tags, which is useful for my 365 posts – and it’s only available in the old editor. Now that you asked me though, I think I’ll try to use the new editor again so that I could give a full report 😉 I’m not looking forward to it greatly. I miss the distraction-free writing option of the old editor (can’t find it in the new one, maybe it is there somewhere?) and I’m not too excited about the functionality of the sidebar options – I don’t like to be forced to click always when I want to toggle options. I’m biased…

        1. You’re right! The distraction free feature is missing! I hadn’t noticed that until now, that you mention it. Apart from that, for me, it’s alright. The thing is, I guess; I want to like it, but it’s hard. I’m going to give it an honest chance now, for some time — we’ll see how it goes.

          Support chat can be a godsend, especially when you have a self-hosted blog. I hate to speak on the phone … in a chat you have everything in black and white on the screen.

          1. The lack of the distraction-free feature distracts me. I hope I won’t be too distracted to give it yet another half-hearted try and likely produce a list of things of what I hate about it (least). Or most.

            1. Yes, I realise now, that I miss that feature too — I used it all the time. Strange, if they’re going to leave that out! I think it was a well liked thing.

  2. I left hotmail because of the change to Outlook and so much frustration that came with it. I’m happy with gmail. I don’t like too much change. For example, look what WordPress has done to make the site prettier. I find it SO, SO frustrating.

    1. In general, I’m all for change when it means moving forward, to something positive. WordPress has caused nothing but frustration, and it isn’t prettier. Perhaps more mobile friendly, but what a mess it has been.

      I love the Outlook webmail, but I think the name was ill chosen.

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