liar [147/365]

We live on the 9th floor and have a grand view of this neighbourhood. We can see the smokestack at the Regional Hospital, the rooftops of the university (in clear weather), and if I look straight out, I see the Xerox building. The hospital and the university, they are neighbours. Xerox is quite far from them.

DSC_9871If you click on the above picture, to bring it up to size, you’ll see the smokestack at the hospital to the very far right … on the horizon. Xerox is to the left, with a cell tower not too far from it.

By the way, you see how green and lush our view has become now! It’s wonderful.

However in this picture, it looks like Xerox and the hospital are close neighbours!

xerox_hospitalThe light grey, square building is Xerox, and the brownish complex behind it is the hospital. It looks like they’re adjacent to each other. You sure can lie a lot with a camera … just as you can with statistics 🙂

This picture, below, is of my hometown. It was taken by a newspaper photographer, and I liked it enough to buy it from him. Could have been 1995 or earlier. It was shot from atop of one of those big oil cisterns, and when I look at it in detail — given that I know every tiniest little part of this town — it looks totally screwed up. But I like it anyway.

INFO=Botnia Link HŠrnšsands hamn
INFO=Botnia Link HŠrnšsands hamn

To people who understand the inner workings of the camera lenses … the optics … this wouldn’t be any great mystery, but to me it’s intriguing 🙂

17 Replies to “liar [147/365]”

  1. That’s a lovely picture of a clearly lovely city/town. I like it a lot how industry, nature and human dwellings all come together here. I’m partial to the smokestack 😉

  2. I can see why the dynamics of photography intrigue you. Knowing the 2 building are not so close is interesting because they do seem to be neighbors!
    Love your hometown picture…Sweden is a very pretty place.

      1. Can’t say I’m surprised, unfortunately…
        There is a company from Sweden involved in the development of wind “farms” in a part of Durham Region not very far from here… These things are MASSIVE):):

        1. They seem to come in several, different colours … I’ve seen some kind of blueish/teal also. I think this has only been around for a couple of years. It sounds like a terrific idea.

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