33 Replies to “test post”

    1. Oh, it’s magic alright! Performs the most unexpected actions … That’s what you get for buying something purely because of its looks.

      It was a test post for the Blogo app. They’ve updated it now, and wanted me to check and see that the bug was gone … and it was. Yay.

      1. Oh I see! Good to hear about Blogo. I’m known to buy things based on their colour, so I sort of get you. When I was choosing my new laptop, I immediately excluded all devices that didn’t come in white – because I wanted a white laptop.sigh Priorities.

        1. My iPad and iPhone are white. They have since introduced a sort of pink/gold colour, and I’m strangely tempted by it … not for the iPhone, but when I have to get a new iPad … it could actually be pink. Sometimes I can hardly believe myself.

              1. White didn’t use to be my colour either. I even refused to get married in white (my dress was cream coloured). But then somehow I decided to give the white a chance ๐Ÿ™‚ Pink never was and still is not my colour, but I am guilty of having tried on some clothes in pink in the shop ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I looked like a pathetically overgrown candy after its expiry date.

                1. Certain colours make me look sick … This is the first time I’ve considered pink, for the iPad … I feel strangely drawn to it LOL. Still haven’t made up my mind — the cost of it is the same as a return ticket to Sweden. Actually; more.

  1. Also, I’ve been wanting to tell you forever how I love your abbreviation of category into cat – I did the same independently of you but immediately changed it back because I thought no one would get the joke. So, I finally remembered to compliment you on this.

    1. Oh, and if we were to speak the Catalan language, we could set up a domain with the .TLD .cat — wouldn’t that be awesome?! ~grin~ But they have this rule that it HAS to have at least one page in Catalan, and they do check it. I’d love to have tassitus.cat …

        1. It’s the Catalan people that have managed to get it restricted. I read about it in Wikipedia, I believe it was.

          I’d love to have one!

          Other ones have restrictions so that you have to prove you’re actually a resident of the country in question. I think you can get a .us without living there now. tassit.us would have been a possibility, but I don’t particularly like it.

          1. I see. The Catalans seem to be quite sensitive about protecting their culture and everything related. I didn’t research but I believed that these days, you could more or less pick whichever domain you wanted, no questions asked. After all, you pay for it, right. Well, tassit.us is a seriously great idea, but I’m not that fond of the .us… Of course, you should disregard me, I’m known to be biased.

                    1. Okay, now I know. Did you know that in the native Mail, you can swipe with two fingers on the touch pad to remove?! ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to have your pointer pointed on that email though …

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