water street — a different view [143/365]

How differently we (and the camera) see things when we happen to walk a different street, or just try a different point of view.

DSC_9795Yesterday, while out taking pictures for the Changing Seasons, we drove in to the car park outside the port authority. I wanted to see if I still remembered how to take pictures through wired fences — I managed to do it once, but that was 2009 in the zoo. In this, of the two cranes, there still was a slight shadow from the mesh, but pretty much alright anyway.


for comparison

DSC_9794 Here are two more for comparison. They’re not good … I did much better that time in the zoo. That must have been beginner’s luck, because I was totally new to the camera then. It’s something about the shutter speed. Of course, there are ways to fix this in the post processing. I just put these up as examples.

Anyway, I also managed to get the, fairly new, high-end, condo building in one frame. I think it was finished three, four years ago. The condos are pretty pricey, by Saint John standards, but they who have the ones harbour side, must have a gorgeous view. The other side, though, faces only some dull streets and old buildings.


Condo building, Water Street, Saint John, NB

DSC_9796It’s probably nice in there. Hope they have double sink in the kitchen … that’s something I dearly miss.

Here’s another part of the building, together with their nearest neighbour.

What I really wanted to say, or thought about, was that I’d never gotten these pictures, had we not gone in to this car park.

A couple of years ago, there was an event here called “Saint John Rocks”. It was not a musical event, as the name might imply, but rather a geological. Then they’d opened a big, huge, space that belongs to the Customs authority,  and that time it struck me even more, how a different angle can change the view of something otherwise familiar.

This view of these buildings, I’d never had, unless they’d opened that space. And here’s an example of what they did, back then in 2012. This has become an annual event.


Rock sculptures, that have been placed in and around the city.


6 thoughts on “water street — a different view [143/365]

  1. Mara Eastern

    Wait, there is a way to take pictures through wire fences without sticking your lens through one of the holes? That’s my method… The condos are gorgeous. I love the terraces.

    1. Rebekah M

      Yes, there’s a way. When I’d bought the camera, I went to the zoo. Before I left, I quickly checked out a website about this (I was very optimistic back then), tried to memorise what it said, and got great pictures of the animals.

      I think the shutter speed must be set very high, and then to focus on something far … sort of LOL I must read up on this again. This was my first attempt since 2009.

      1. Mara Eastern

        Wow! Have I mentioned recently that I need to read my camera manual? 😉 I don’t think I’ll learn there how to shoot through mesh wire but at least I’d get more confident using manual settings.

        1. Rebekah M

          When you try to shoot through a chain link fence, stand as close as possible to it, set your aperture to the widest possible (lowest number). Aim at something inside the fence, preferably a bit away from it.


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