The Changing Seasons – May 2016 [142/365]

What a difference a month makes. So much more fun to get out and take pictures! Colours are returning, although it’s been slow this year, and new life too. Here are my pictures for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Season-challenge.

14 Replies to “The Changing Seasons – May 2016 [142/365]”

    1. Exactly! This is what I’ve been looking forward to. Grass looking juicy and lush … trees with that delicate green, that doesn’t last a very long time.

  1. A wonderful series! I think I’d love to shoot in the park you have there. Parks in my area are rather pathetic. I still haven’t figured out where I’ll take my photos for the Changing Seasons this month. I feel like I’ve seen and shot everything already šŸ˜® Need to try harder, I guess.

    1. Thanks so much! No park back home, that I can think of, is like this one.

      I hear you! I feel the same way. Sometimes it helps a little, to walk some road you’ve never walked before, or a whole different angle. I feel as if I’ve photographed everything in this city, and then I look at what the other people do! Then I just want to stick with the squirrels and the ducks.

  2. Beautiful photos Rebekah – even the dandelions šŸ™‚
    It’s such a shame the plant is so ugly because its sunny yellow flower is actually quite pretty!

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