Can’t remember what I came here to forget [141/365]

forgetmenotFor a hundred and forty days in a row, I’ve blogged in the morning, and today I forgot!

Admittedly, I didn’t make up the headline myself. It’s from a C&W song (Blake Shelton) they keep playing right now on the Country94 channel here in Saint John.  Normally I don’t listen all that closely to the lyrics, but every now and then a line really stands out. Sometimes, even an expression I read on Facebook catches my attention … like “emotional incontinence” did the other day 😂. There’s a lot of that going around.

These were the first forget-me-nots I’ve seen this year, and I thought it might make a fitting picture for this blog. My husband asked me; “didn’t you take a picture of the forget-me-nots?” “Yes”, I said, “but I forget where I put it!”. Some days, when I take pictures, both with the iPhone and the camera, I get confused.

9 Replies to “Can’t remember what I came here to forget [141/365]”

    1. 🙂 Right … I knew I’d taken the picture, but I had to really think to remember whether it was with the phone or camera. The pictures end up in different folders, depending … so I forgot the forget-me-nots LOL

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