soothing [138/365]

How easy it is to fall asleep to this sound. I’ve done it many times, on the beach, in my youth. Luckily I never got malignant melanoma, even though I got bad sunburns.

This is ‘my’ usual beach; Saints’ Rest … the tide had just commenced to roll in, little waves were slowly lapping the beach.

In fact, I just wanted to try the video format here in WordPress.

11 Replies to “soothing [138/365]”

    1. Yes, it worked well, but I won’t be doing it very often. Video isn’t really ‘my thing’, and I guess it would eat up my storage quota. Haven’t looked how much this one took. UPDATE: 124MB.

  1. I like this. It’s one of the sounds that I find the most soothing. Strangely enough, I don’t usually like to listen to the sound of sea waves reproduced in the many videos that are on YouTube, it somehow doesn’t feel real to me. It sounds like the same five seconds on a loop. Your video does the trick though!

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