Journaling [137/365]

If I had a full-time job, I doubt I could be doing what I’m doing here every day: blog. I think it would probably be more on a weekly basis. Hence, I’m extremely grateful to be allowed to do whatever it is I love to do … to wake up without alarm clock, to sit here and ponder with my coffee as long as McDuff, the cat, allows me to. How many people can do that?! Not many! Most of them have a very busy lifestyle, and not much time to themselves.

When I started out on this “postaday challenge” this year, I was thinking, loosely, about turning this into one of those “gratitude journals” — one post every day about things I’m thankful for. For some reason I can’t remember, I decided against it, and I don’t regret that. Would probably have felt stumped certain days, and limited as to what to write about. I think Mara’s «what I hated the least today» is a much better take on it 🙂

Today though, I keep thinking of one thing I’m really thankful for: my blogging circle/community. I signed up for my first WordPress blog ten years ago, and not until now have I found the right balance in my journaling here. As I’ve mentioned before, I took part in the 2011 post-a-day challenge, and went wild, I followed people right and left, ending up with a list of hundred+ posts to read every day. It quickly became painful, just to sign in and see the so called “reader”. I’d followed people I had absolutely nothing in common with, didn’t know what to say/comment, and felt awkward about “unfollowing”.

Now it’s just right. In the mornings, like now, I’m looking forward to read about what you guys have been up to, or what’s on your minds. Sometimes I even get inspiration to a post of my own from reading yours.

So this has become my online journal of sorts, even though I keep a personal one too, in DayOne. I just read a post in WordPress’ own blog, where new bloggers could introduce themselves and make connections. I was pleased to see I’m not the only one writing about “life in general” — amongst all the poetry, photography and food bloggers, there actually were a couple like mine — no niche at all.

24 thoughts on “Journaling [137/365]

  1. Sixeighty

    That post a day sounds insane… I’m trying to raise my profile a little on this, bit by bit by following people as much as I can, replying to comments and everything I can do to stay up on it…
    It seems to be working in a way haha

  2. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Firstly, thank you for following. Having read the above, I feel even more honored. I am new to blogging and only started 7th March. I had a go the daily challenge for about 4 days. Then I booked myself on the free brand and growth wordpresss course. Where they said make 3 goals for your blog. So I decide one of the goals would be to only post 3 times a week. I went from random no schedule to 3 days a week. Well, I actually only truely started this last Friday. I deliberately kept March and early half of April quiet and low key. Then on 17th April I joined the Twitter and Instagram band wagon. Late April early May – I realised oh there is a wordpress community. I am a newbie, and I am already finding it rather a lot to follow , comments & post. I am not a fully time blogger – I can’t be other responsibilities. However, I am enjoying the blogging and connecting with you lovely folks of the wordpress community

    1. Rebekah M

      That sounds like a good approach. I have this set to automatically post to Twitter, but I’ve never had any interaction from there. Doesn’t matter … I’m not all that big on Twitter anyway. I decided to do this postaday-thing, together with a few other, blogging buddies. I guess we reminisced how much fun it was back in 2011. Normally, I certainly wouldn’t post every day 🙂

  3. Nylabluesmum

    My friend you are ‘niche-less’, hahahahaha!!
    OK that sounded funnier in my head…..
    Anyway I enjoy your blogs so much as you know. It is a treat to stop by & chat as we do.
    Remember how Nylablue used to get all those awards??? I would spend so-o much time doing the blog to thank the person for the award. Not to say I did not appreciate them in recognition of her/me however it really did get to be too much.
    Since Dharth Henry has been with me there has been 1 award. Magically people stopped gifting them to me/us.
    It is far easier w/out them & I am lucky I didn’t have to actually say I didn’t want them…….
    Altho’ I am a ‘niche’ blogger I DO have blogging friends outside of the 4 legged world tho’. Poetry writer’s & story tellers. Variety is the spice of life right? 😉

    1. Rebekah M

      Yup, I’m nicheless LOL. I’m glad you like to read my little posts, and I thoroughly enjoy our communication 🙂
      I never liked the awards, because of all the rules, so I’ve steered clear of that the whole time.
      You’re so right about variety 🙂

      1. Nylabluesmum

        We go back so many years….which is so lovely…..
        And you are right about all the rules etc for awards. It got to be so time consuming & I got very frustrated trying to include the ‘right’ people….blah, blah, blah……
        I have noticed there are NOT many awards circulating lately & I for one, am relieved 😉
        And variety is marvelous!

        1. Rebekah M

          I think it’s finally starting to wear off. It’s like that stupidity in FB when they send you on a guilt trip for not copying & pasting something — that’s my biggest pet peeve LOL … or, I should say “one of my biggest” 😊

          1. Nylabluesmum

            I do not even bother with copy & paste stuff on FB>>totally ignore it. I have too much to actually DO on FB to worry about all that mindless stuff.
            As for awards on the blogs I think the novelty wore off finally. Plus many of us ‘pet’ bloggers have lost beloved 4 leggeds & we are all trying to get our lives in order & grieve & get on with things. And for me Dharth Henry is a full-time job so I have very limited time to be doing things on here or FB. 😉

  4. suzink

    I can’t seem to do all I want in one day any more. I think it is because the only media I used to be on was the blog years ago. Now I am stretched to several forms of social media. I clicked over to what I hated least today and got so involved in it I lost track of time. Pretty funny stuff.

    1. Rebekah M

      Yeah, you’re right Suz … when we were in Y360 and later Multiply, that was only one place. Now there’s FB and Instagram . I don’t care much for that, but I do it anyway. Hadn’t been into IG for a few days, and it took ages to go through it all. Yes, Mara is a great blogger 🙂

      1. suzink

        I haven’t been in Instagram in a couple weeks. I have almost five hundred followers because I do graphics for the prompt group. I got overwhelmed. It’s easier to go to a persons feed and look at the whole thing in one place to comment I found and you can just hold your finger on a photo to bring it up. Did you know that? I found that out accidentally.

  5. Crowing Crone Joss

    I’m enjoying the post a day although , for sure, the community doesn’t seem as active or vibrant as it was back in 2011. Yet, what is here is nice, like sharing coffee with friends and knowing you are always welcome back.

    1. Rebekah M

      No, it’s not at all as active, but perhaps it was different because WordPress themselves arranged it then?! Many of us were new and there was a whole different spirit of it. I’m still enjoying it a lot!

      1. Crowing Crone Joss

        me too. and days when I don’t have time to visit blogs, I notice a bit of sadness in me, like I missed out visiting friends. which is exactly what it is for me.

  6. Mara Eastern

    What a pleasant post to read 🙂 I’m happy to report that I’m not only nicheless but also that I enjoy nicheless blogs the most. I like to be surprised! I’m glad, even privileged, to belong in your blogging cirle.

  7. joannesisco

    The extent of my daily blogging is the April A to Z. Even just one month feels like a lot, and I’m always exhausted by May.
    I’ve often thought about trying to keep a daily journal of sorts whether online or not. It never materializes. I don’t always think in words but often in feelings and emotions. Trying to sort that out into coherent words can be really time consuming, so I just give up.

    1. Rebekah M

      I’m in full understanding. I love it, though, and it’s a lot of fun to go back in time, when you’ve done it for a few years 🙂


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