Eurovision Song Contest [136/365]

Last night I watched the Eurovision Song Contest on my computer. Sweden was hosting this year, so it was broadcast from Stockholm Globe Arena. For the first time in its history, it was also aired in the USA, and I think I read, also in China. We didn’t get it on TV here, but it was alright to watch on the computer. I didn’t watch the whole thing anyway … all those lighting effects get too rich for me. Over the years, they’ve only gotten worse, and take away from the music this is supposed to be all about.

This is the type of event when families and friends gather in front of the TV, discuss the songs, root for their favourites et cetera. I had a little chat going, on the side, with fellow Swedes — one lives out in California, another one in Washington DC. That was fun! After I had listened to all the songs, I was left with one favourite; The Netherlands.

Australia was tipped the winner beforehand, but it didn’t win … The Ukraine did, with a song called “1944”. Australia isn’t exactly located in Europe, and the explanation is here.

Last year marked the 60th anniversary of the European Song Contest. Its popularity has gone up and down, over the years, the format has been changed many times, and I sense a certain come-back in popularity for it. Many, new countries have been added to it — there were 42 contries voting this time.

Of course, you can’t compete in music — it’s pure entertainment.

The broadcast went well, no disasters, and the Swedish announcers were professional and did good. One time in my youth, the female announcer lost her skirt — the lower part of her fancy dress just came off — everyone gasped! This was all planned, as a joke, or comic relief so to speak, and she was really cool about it.

9 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest [136/365]

  1. Leya

    I watched some of the show – love Mede and Zelmerlöw. Then I also loved the short music history of Sweden. I went back to the TV for the last voting, and was really surprised by the winner. i do not think the song was a worthy winner – too much politics in it. I know it had been scrutinized and approved of, but…My favourite was Australia – and of course our own Frans, Mostly because his performance is without fireworks and laser…but also because of his natural charm and a lovely tune.
    I did not know why Australia participated – thank you for the clarification!

    1. Rebekah M

      Even though I try and keep track of what’s going on at home, most people are new to me. I had know idea who Mede was and hardly Zelmerlöw either. I’d read a little about this boy, Frans, now, before the event. In twelve years time, a lot has happened … new generations. I didn’t care at all for the 1944 song either, for the same reasons as you. Right away, I liked Holland’s song, and possibly also France and England. Guess I have a rather traditional taste when it comes to this event. After all, we used to call it “schlagerfestivalen” 😉

  2. Mara Eastern

    Thanks for this post! It’s one of the posts where I learn things and find that I live under the rock. While I have heard of Eurovision before, I didn’t realise that it had such a long tradition – and that Australia was invited to join for the anniversary! The explanation was interesting, but it could be applied to any country, I’m afraid – why not invite also Canada or even the US then? I’m not arguing though 🙂

    The video is quite hilarious! It must have been rather daring at the time. If they were to pull the same trick today, the presenter would probably have to be fully naked to make anyone even notice 😉

    1. Rebekah M

      LOL @ the last sentence! That’s so true! 🙂 But I remember when that happened — I was watching. The few seconds it took before she’d folded out the ‘new’ dress, I had time to both gasp and get embarrassed because Sweden had made a fool of itself on live broadcast.

      I don’t know where they’re going with the Australia thing — perhaps they want to expand it and turn it into a global event?! It’s kind of fun to listen to each country’s spokesperson when they give the votes 🙂

      1. Mara Eastern

        I think I would enjoy the competition if it were global – I’d be curious to see the distinctive music styles of the different countries all over the world.

        I think the dress incident showed you as a country with a good sense of humour. It wasn’t vulgar, and the presenter was charming 🙂

    1. Rebekah M

      Me too. This dress was designed for this occasion by a designer who normally made clothes for drag shows and stuff like that.


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