today is 135 [135/365]

It’s the 135th day of this year. On my iPhone I have a Swedish calendar app [Almanacka], and there I can see which number every day has. If I’d paid more attention to it, I wouldn’t have had to go through a whole slew of posts and edit the numbering. I’d made two mistakes, so I was way off. One back in April, and one in March.. Didn’t bother with the 365, though … I’ll just let it be, and probably jump a day at the end of June.

You can also see week numbers in this calendar. I’ve noticed here, in North America, nobody seems to talk about which number a week has. Back in Sweden,  if you ask someone when they’re going to have vacation this year, they will reply with “starting week 26, I’ll have four weeks”, or something like that. Most people — at least the ones in the work force, will know automatically when week 26, or any week, is.

The red days are holidays/Sundays. Tomorrow is apparently Whitsun. Monday used to be a holiday, but they changed that so that the 6th of June — Sweden’s national day — became a holiday instead. It wasn’t before.


17 Replies to “today is 135 [135/365]”

    1. I think this started in the 70’s. I started to work 1972, and I always knew what week it was. People outside the work force wouldn’t know.

  1. The European calendars must be based on the Bible. “And on the 7th day He rested.” That would have been a Sunday. (Not saying I’m religious, just an observation.)

      1. The European calendars call Monday the first day of the week, while North American calendars call Sunday the first day. The first row of numbers in N.A. calendars are the numbers for Sundays.

  2. This is a handy app! My calendar shows week numbers – it’s essential here too for work reasons – but not day numbers. And I messed up a few days in my 365 project – if you hadn’t pointed out the other day that my numbering was wrong, I wouldn’t have noticed.

    You made me Google what Whitsun is – I only knew it from Philip Larkin’s poem “Whitsun Weddings”. That’s what you get from studying literature – bits and pieces of not particularly useful knowledge 😉

    1. There are many options in this one … I chose to have day numbers. There’s another word for Whitsun that escapes me right now.
      I have plenty of pointless knowledge too 🙂

        1. Yeah, I know … it’s stupid. I remember pointless information from little school … name of the highest located lake in the world [Titicaca], just to give ONE example. How much good has that knowledge done me. It hasn’t even come up when I played Trivial Pursuit LOL. Otherwise, that would have been the only time … or Jeopardy.

          1. Now, that’s something I’m envious of. I don’t remember any trivia at all – it’s alarming how little general knowledge (and how much specialist knowledge) I have.

  3. I sometimes forget that the calendar week begins on a Monday here – which makes more sense that starting the week on a Sunday – but still I forget once in a while and find myself gazing at calendar in confusion as to what the date is.

    1. Guess it was so deeply rooted in me that I automatically selected Monday, when asked. Then I never thought about it anymore … until now 🙂

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