busy night [134/365]

DSC_9665Saint John Fire Department sure had a busy night yesterday. Before it cooled down, I counted four or five grass fires, from our wide view up here. In one of them I could actually see the flames, and not just smoke, Β so I grabbed the camera and photographed it.

Now I’m reading, in this morning’s paper, they were actually nine fires. I noticed how they had been moving, the ones who started them, in a pretty much straight line, from around St. Pius Church towards Sandy Point Road. Thankfully, we have several fire stations nearby and it wasn’t a windy evening at all.

They seem to think they were set by kids that don’t understand anything.

We got a really, pretty sunset, though …


26 thoughts on “busy night [134/365]

  1. joannesisco

    I remember grass fires were fairly common when I was growing up. It was standard practice for people to burn the grass particularly in large lots in the spring. The practice eventually became illegal exactly for the reason you mentioned. Often it would get out of hand and the fire department would be very busy responding to flare ups.

    A very lovely sunset though πŸ™‚

    1. Rebekah M

      I think it’s more often the kids than the controlled fires. It’s always been like that. It takes so little for it to flare up elsewhere and it gets out of hand.

    1. Rebekah M

      I’m not sure — the firefighters caught one, but then there was some breakdown in communications with the police, so I don’t know how that ended.

      It is a lovely location, and up here, we’re always in for some spectacular sunsets.

  2. Mara Eastern

    The sunset is excellent! The dumbness of kids never ceases to surprise me 😦 Not a nice way to spend time, setting things on fire, even if by accident.

      1. Mara Eastern

        I’ve been a kid myself too, obviously, but my parents were strict and I was very obedient. At least that’s how I remember it! πŸ˜‰

          1. wordsfromanneli

            No excuse. Kids are taught from early years not to play with fire, and as they get older, surely they can see that sometimes people or animals get hurt. I always feel sorry for the animals that die in wildfires and we don’t even know how many.

            1. Rebekah M

              You’re so right. Still, quite often, you hear from grown-ups; β€œ…but, your know, they don’t understand!” There’s NO excuse.

              I feel the same way about animals in wildfires.

              1. wordsfromanneli

                Oh, they DO understand. It’s just a way they can rebel and feel powerful without having to take responsibility.
                About the animals, it always puzzles me why the news reporters never bring up that part of it. I realize that people’s lives and their property take precedence but surely someone could mention – I wonder where all the bears, wolves, and squirrels go. What about all the nesting birds that won’t leave their babies? That’s fodder for a whole new blog post.

                1. Rebekah M

                  The only times I’ve heard it mentioned, is when they have those big fires in Australia. All the sleepy little koalas perish up in the trees.

  3. Nylabluesmum

    Holy CRAP! 9 fires? That is 9 too many!
    After the devastation in Fort McMurray the people who started your fires should be severely punished. Fire kills & ruins lives… I am glad all of you are safe!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


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