mixed bag [132/365]

mcduff_callaWe have a new mayor in Saint John. His name is Don Darling. While the campaign was going on and we saw all those signs around town, we used to say “McDuff for mayor!” Now … the thing is, we often refer to McDuff as “li’l darlin’”, and that feels funny now, when the real mayor’s name is Darling 😀

Temperatures went up a wee bit yesterday. We had 15º and that felt rather pleasant. I actually heard the weather woman talk about snowflakes overnight, the night before. Didnt happen here, though, it came down as rain. I say weather woman, because the regular weatherman is on paternity leave.
1462965306_full.jpegOn Long Wharf, the fishermen were unloading fish, with a shovel, from their wooden boat, down into a plastic container. Shad, I believe it is.




1462965528_full.jpegA tugboat was going out to do whatever it is tugboats do.
All in all it was a pleasant day. This post is written in a blog editor for Mac and iPhone, called Blogo. I’ve had it for a long time, but only tried it a few times in the beginning. Was reminded of it the other day. It’s really good, but it still has a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out. The people there, at Blogo, have been very helpful so far.



1462965899_full.jpegI kept feeding this guy peanuts, hoping he would pose a little for me, but no … he was very quick, picking them up and vanishing into the woods. Here he sits, looking at me, as if he was teasing …


13 Replies to “mixed bag [132/365]”

  1. Aren’t Blue Jays saucy Rebby?? And VERY clever also!
    That is so funny that the new Mayor’s last name is Darling & you call McDuff ‘Lil Darling’, rofwl!!
    The weather people here ware waffling on about snow over the weekend; not a ‘snowball’s chance in H*LL’ it will snow now……

    1. Yeah, they’re not related to the Crow for nothing … clever guys.

      Today has been such a warm and beautiful day. My weather app right now says 21ºC! Time for flip-flops 🙂

          1. We need rain for all the grass seeds I put down. We will get more rain Saturday….tomorrow I have to re-seed the lawn in front of mine & each neighbor’s grass.

  2. Was 25 C here the other day, so of course I had turn off the radiators in my appartment. This morning it was freezing cold in my appartment when I woke up! Looked at the temp outside and it is only 8 C!!! Must have gone down a lot during the night!

    1. Wow. I’ve seen some pictures from back home, with people out on the beach! It can change so quickly. 10ºC here this morning, and rain.

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