Rockwood Park, or ‘how one thing leads to another’ [130/365]

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 08.39.38

Peninsula to the right of Saint John is the downtown area

When I read about Edinburgh’s Blackford Hill in this morning, I was once again reminded of how lucky we are here in Saint John, to have Rockwood Park within our city limits. It’s a huge park, and only a couple of minutes from downtown. In this blog, if you’ve been following it for some time, you’ve probably seen every duck, squirrel, deer and blue jay that resides in it, but hardly any landscape photo of the park itself. That has its explanation. It’s a largely wooded area with oodles of hiking paths and little lakes. Not much rolling landscape, except for the golf course. Lily Lake is the biggest lake, and also where the duck pond is located.

I headed over to Flickr — my trusty photo storage — searched for all photos I’d tagged “rockwood”, to see what I had. The result in itself was not only a good reminder why I keep up the photography, but also that I should get out there in the early mornings more often.

Only once, have I pulled myself together, and walked up to the look-out-point. Here, you get an idea of the park’s proximity to the city’s downtown area. The building in the foreground is the Lily Lake Pavilion, where the restaurant is.




18 thoughts on “Rockwood Park, or ‘how one thing leads to another’ [130/365]

  1. Mara Eastern

    Wow! The snow and ice photos provide a great contrast with the lush, green landscapes in the other photos. The different weathers and seasons are so photogenic.

    1. Rebekah M

      Yes, I threw in a couple of winter pictures, to make a contrast. You can drive through a small part of the park, otherwise it’s hiking or horseback riding.

        1. Rebekah M

          Exactly! The drive is just a small loop — good for they who has that as an only option. I think, now they even have some kind of GPS app, so you won’t get lost amongst all the trails 🙂

                1. Rebekah M

                  In Quebec, in the beginning, I didn’t roam very far from G. because I was scared to get lost. They were huge. But my circles widened 😉


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