in the shower [129/365

mcduff_bathtubHow often haven’t I found myself turning on the water in the shower, only to get blinded by the water on my glasses. I’ve forgotten to take them off before I stepped in there 🙂. At least, I’m able to laugh — although sheepishly — at myself.

Other times, I almost wish I’d kept them on. Without glasses I can’t read. That would have to be really HUGE letters, if I’d be able to see them. Admittedly I’m a bit of a sucker for hair products. I want to believe the commercials, even though my intellect tells me NO! “No, you won’t come out with a big shiny mane! Anything that would improve your hair, for real, would have to come from within.” There’s really nothing wrong with my hair, it’s alright, but still I get sucked in by all those l’Oreal, Pantene, Vidal Sasoon … the latest one was Schwarzkopf (not Norman, though LOL).

The thing is to figure out which bottle is conditioner and which one is shampoo. Sometimes the conditioner is upside down — they are good. In my latest case, though (Schwarzkopf) I went wrong already in the drugstore. Must have been really tuned out, because I bought only conditioner, and believed it was shampoo. Didn’t discover my mistake until I was already in the shower. No big deal — there were many other bottles to choose from 🙂.

DSC_9489The above picture is the only one I have of McDuff in the bathtub. It took me a long time to find it, so I’ve put it in even though it’s not sharp. The sweet little lad remembered it’s Mothers Day today, so he gave me a plant … a calla lily, that I love.


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  1. This post reminds me of some male family members who had long-standing issues distinguishing between shower gel and shampoo, and the problem was not that they couldn’t read what the bottle says. Clearly this is a wide-spread problem, to which the response is a hair-and-body all-in-one product.

    I tried pretty much everything on my hair, including some very expensive professional products, alas, nothing helps to make hair less greasy and I’m reduced to washing them daily. Which means getting up about half an hour earlier. I gave up and started using my favourite Schwarzkopf drug store products because they smell nice 🙂 Especially the hair balm for dyed hair.

    My cat is not the adventurous climbing type, but she started to join me when I have a shower – she puts her paws on the edge of the tub and tries to pat me. I pat her back and she runs because my hands are wet, of course… It probably looks perverse to an uninvolved observer.

    1. I think there is an all-in-one, at least for babies 🙂 Wait until you get around sixty, the grease will go away. The quality of my hair seems to have changed. Schwarzkopf isn’t big here, like it is back home. I was surprised to find it now.

      If I were to take a bath, he’d be there, with his paws on the tub, trying to touch the intriguing bubbles. Otherwise, at his age, he isn’t very adventurous anymore. No jumping around, or climbing.

      1. There is an all-in-one for men, my father-in-law once got it for Christmas from his desperate wife. He wasn’t as thrilled as he should have been, given that it surely solved his problem.

        Yeah, I was being told all the time that when I get older, my complexion will improve, and nothing. It’s rather embarrassing to decide whether to use anti-pimple or anti-wrinkle cosmetics, as I need both. Hope the hair thing won’t turn out to be the same disappointment 😮

        1. The change was rapid and quite noticeable, last year. Now I only wash it every second day. Still, not grey, though … but that, I think is genetic. My mum’s hair never got fully grey, and she lived to be 82.

          1. I’ll take your word for it. My mother only needs to wash her hair like once a week, she’s in mid-sixties, and I find it puzzling. My hair would probably just fall out if I kept it unwashed for a week.

            That’s a nice age, 82, maybe you have longevity in your genes too. The question of course is whether one is fit enough to actually live or whether it’s just about plodding along and waiting to die. My grandmother was like that. She would just sit around for her last years and do nothing. I mean literally nothing. Not even watching TV. I imagine she was reminiscing or something.

            1. I could probably jump two days, if I weren’t obsessed.
              My mum wasn’t as mobile, but she was very alert about all current events, and stuff like that … until she died, lucid at all times. I talked with my uncle about ageing once. He was 89. He said “You know, one always wants to live another day!” and I believe that to be true, unless one’s suicidal. When I was fourteen, I would NEVER have believed I’d be 60! I remember my friend and I calculated how old we would be year 2000, and found that we’d be 45. We just shrugged and said “oh well, we won’t be alive then anyway, so … ” LOL We thought 45 was a terribly old age!

              1. I know what you mean! You always think that you won’t live to be 30, 50, 60 -and then you do, if you’re lucky. When I was 11 and my brother was drafted for the then obligatory military service, I thought I wouldn’t possibly live to see him again after two or three years, or how long it was supposed to take. He was dismissed early though due to (self-inflicted) bad health. He deliberately smoked so much to give himself asthma because he really didn’t enjoy his stay in the military.

                1. Boy, he must have really smoked! Does he still suffer from asthma? I was seven or eight when my brother left for his military service. I was a little sad …

                  1. We have dispositions for asthma in our family, so it probably didn’t take that much for my brother to render himself incapable of military service. He doesn’t suffer from asthma any badly now. And meanwhile the military service duty has been abolished, which I quite approve of.

                    1. I think we still have a bit of it left in Sweden, but not at all as it used to be. I think they pretty much have a choice nowadays. Not much left of the armed forces.

                    2. We have fully professional army now – I dread to think that there are some countries who draft not only men but also women for compulsory military service. I certainly wouldn’t defend my country should it come to it. I don’t love my country so much 😮

                    3. I didn’t either, but once I left it, I started to love it more 🙂 That’s probably a feeling that’ll stay with me for as long as I’m away from it.

                    4. For a moment I thought you were talking about having been in the army and leaving it… Now it clicked. I hate my country less fiercely as I’m getting old and reconciled with things, but no way would I fight for it.

                    5. Heh! Nah, I was never with the armed forces. Would have had to have joined before I turned twenty six. I feel proud of my little country, but I think it’s merely about what it was — not what it has become.

                    6. Well, my country’s past is pretty much about being colonised by another country – and I don’t think we did a great job going independent. I find it difficult to find something to be proud about. Though I admit I do feel something sentimental when the Czech hockey team wins a championship match.

                      I was considering enrolling at a military university – because of the benefits offered, like the certainty of a job and rent – but I didn’t like any of their study programmes, plus it would require physical proweness. Which I obviously don’t have.

                    7. I don’t know much (nothing at all), how it went when you went independent. Nowadays, I feel tremendously sentimental when I hear the Swedish anthem.

                    8. Awe ❤ I feel cheated when I hear the Czech anthem because when Czechoslovakia split, the Slovaks took the second part of our anthem with them – now it feels unfinished.

                    9. Oh dear! What a strange way to go! Here, in Canada, they changed anthem, I think it was some time in the 60’s, and I actually remember the old one (again … hockey!) I liked the old one. Russia took their old one back, I recall …

  2. Thank you for this post and the recognition that I’m not the only one with issues related to hair products! I have 4 siblings and they all have curly hair – except me. I would KILL for curly hair. I’ve even tried product for curly hair thinking it would make my hair curly. Alas, it didn’t :/

    1. teehee I’ve seen those, and I must admit I was a little bit tempted, but then again, I thought “nah … can’t be possible”. 😀

  3. It happens that I forget to take off my glasses when going to bed – and then I have not been thinking about reading, but want to sleep right away. But I notice pretty fast as I sleep laying on the side lol

    Lovely photo of McDuff!! And love the flowers too!!

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