stairway [1234/365]

mispec2We have quite a few, lovely beaches around here, as I’ve talked about before. One of them is particularly great because it’s sandy … Mispec Beach. Great place for Saint Johners to frolic in the summertime.

2013, a storm surge took all the stairways, and also eroded the whole, steep slope down to the beach. It was closed and remained closed until the big oil company pitched in. Fixed it all up with nice new stairways.

mispec3Mother Nature must feel some animosity towards Mispec, because now it’s that time again. Latest storm surge took the stairways, and the beach might be closed indefinitely.

This is an old picture, we haven’t been out there to look at the destruction this time. There’s no word, whether the big oil company will step up again — I think they might.

There’s not only the beach — it’s a whole big park, with gorgeous picnic areas and walking paths.

mispec1You have a great view of Fundy Bay … and the LNG terminal, named Canaport, owned by Irving Oil. LNG means Liquified Natural Gas, by the way.

And here’s a picture of Canaport in fog πŸ™‚mispec_fog

We’ll just keep our fingers crossed Mispec Beach will be fixed. Great place for a swim!


30 Replies to “stairway [1234/365]”

  1. Beautiful beach. You are so lucky to have something like that close by. I would love to live by the water. I love the fog on the last shot. Great shots all!

  2. Great views, love the foggy photo. I suppose the last portion of the stairs needs to be rebuilt with much tougher materials.

      1. Pilings bore deep into the ground, steel pilings and other steel structures which will withstand the stress of water against it.

          1. It is a simple idea in theory, just drive steel pilings very very deep. Lots of welding too. Not cheap but it would last much longer.

              1. Meh! Just seems like a total waste of time and energy to do things more than once… That and I HATE the phrase “It’s good enough… (It’s either done, or it’s not; )

  3. I doubt I would ever dare to take a dip, since I find even the ocean in traditional southern seaside resorts too cold to swim in, but I would probably live on that beach if I lived there. It looks so – one would almost say zen, but I hate the word.

    1. The north Atlantic isn’t for the faint-of-heart, it’s usually very, very cold. But I have swam there a few times, though.

      The beach is great for that … for deep thinking πŸ™‚

      1. Now I can visualise myself sitting in the cold sand in the lotus position, “meditating” and sneering sardonically at myself meditating. I know I’d love Canada.

          1. πŸ˜€ I did a one-term course of Canadian Studies, very primitive, just the basics, and it sparkled huge interest in me in Canada. Especially because I saw how different it is from the States.

  4. Hmm… If at all possible, perhaps a slightly less exposed access would get less of a beating – and using the techniques employed by more successful (durable; ) boardwalks in other places down the coast? Being raised up in the air like that it’s a rather easy target for the waves.
    Canaport looks rather ominous appearing to levitate in the fog. Great photo!

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