no snow [123/365]

DSC_9415I’ve found when I set off on a drive, with my mind set to “taking pictures” … it won’t happen. Or, at least, they turn out a little … uninspired. That’s what happened yesterday. We took the ferry over to Kingston Peninsula. I had high hopes of seeing all kinds of birds in general and eagles in particular. Didn’t see one bird, except these, what I believe to be, Greater Scaup. They were too far away anyway. They’re easily mistaken for Ring necked duck or the other way around, but I’m pretty sure they were Scaup.

DSC_9413The day was quite lovely, though. The sky was filled with those feathery, wispy clouds that make you think of angel wings and ice cream castles in the air. Yes, I know  the lyrics of “Both Sides Now” by heart. When I was fourteen, I thought those lyrics could have been written just for me — I’d “seen it all from both sides” 🙂

DSC_9433The covered bridges are numerous, here in New Brunswick. The first time I watched “Bridges of Madison County”, I was still living in Sweden and knew nothing about covered bridges. I thought they were particular to that very spot, where the movie took place, and only there. Here, many of them are in various states of disrepair, which is saddening. One was carried away by the Spring flood a couple of years ago.

Speaking of Spring — in Facebook I was reminded of what it looked like, here in Saint John, on May 1st last year:


So … it really isn’t too bad this year!

27 Replies to “no snow [123/365]”

    1. Yes, they’re very picturesque. One, near here, is well taken care of, and in the summertime, they even “dress it up” with little flowers 🙂

  1. May is better without snow 🙂 I don’t think I ever saw the covered bridges. I wonder how practical they are in Canadian weather – do they last? It looks very rustic though. Glad to see your trademark ducks too, even if you were “uninspired”.

    1. You’ve never seen the movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep?! It’s good … don’t think you’ll regret watching it.

      The bridges seem to be sturdy enough — many of them are quite old — but then again, of course they need maintenance.

      1. I’m sure I saw it but it didn’t stuck in my mind 😦 These days I only watch morbid movies. I watched romance and comedy and such when I was younger, now I can’t stand it.

        1. When I was really young, I used to watch movies with Fred Astaire and the likes. Now, it’s unfathomable — I can’t stand it, when all of a sudden they burst out into song & dance … I don’t know what could have possibly possessed me to enjoy something like that!

          1. Don’t forget those song-and-dance movies were made during WWII – intended to raise people’s spirits…
            Why did we like them? Because when we were young and naïve we believed that anything is possible and Joy came so easily. (Too bad we’re all so jaded with the world now, hey? ):

            1. Yeah, sure but I was a child … eight, maybe ten! Sure, they were nice songs, and they were good dancers. It was alright then, but now I’m older and appreciate different things.

              1. Yes, exactly! I’m just saying not to beat yourself up, that’s all… I used to love watching certain TV shows: cartoons like Felix the Cat and Rocky & Bullwinkle; The Thunderbirds and Junior Forest Rangers when I was a kid… And when I saw them later – heck even Star Trek – I couldn’t believe how BAD they were; but I guess my imagination had made them better than they actually were…

                    1. Yes, that’s a fine, old quote. I might still enjoy Little House on the Prairie … not sure, it’s been a while since I watched it.

  2. We don’t have covered bridges here either. We are having an unusual spring. I had to turn on the heat last night and wore a fuzzy hoodie all day yesterday and this morning. Just unheard of.

    1. Well, that’s unbelievable, fuzzy hoodie and heat on in May, in OK!
      But it’s very strange here too. Gray, rainy morning … Rather chilly.

    1. Yes, I recognise that name … think I had a blogging buddy in 360 who lived not too far from it!

      This time of year; most definitely great with ‘no snow’ 🙂

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