First of May [122/365]

Only two days ago, I mentioned heirloom tomatoes in my blog post, and yesterday they showed up in the grocery store. They were very few, and there wasn’t even a price tag. I bought two, and they taste like sunshine, as Joss so poetically said in FB 🙂.

This is not another tomato post, though … just wanted to share this little piece of information, as I was happy to find them.

In all my practicing now, with the fountain pen, and reading online about handwriting, I’ve been thinking about my childhood. When I was young … let’s say up until thirteen or so, writing and stationery … that was what I loved in life. My favourite store in town was the stationery store. How I wish there was still a store like that! It was small, warm … dark wood panel on the walls — I can still smell it, in my imagination. The owner was kind, and always allowed me to take my time and browse. I had lots of pen pals, so I frequently bought stationery. Some were perhaps a little childish, with flowers and little hearts … others were just cream coloured linen. I liked to just touch that type of thick paper, and to write on it, and for some reason that colour was my favourite. Bought oodles of nice notebooks there too, and used them for journals. Some of them might actually still be around — packed away in some box.

The thing was, I always felt I was alone about this passion of mine. As none of my friends was into it, I was the only one … I didn’t know too many people back then. The reason this came to mind was a link that took me to Pinterest. That, in turn, showed a whole treasure trove of people who are interested in both handwriting, fountain pens, stationery and notebooks! There were thousands of them, posting cool stuff. Imagine if The Web had been around in my youth — my mother’s finances would have been ruined 🙂.

Now, I won’t be going on about this again and again in my blog here, just because I’ve reclaimed my interest for handwriting. I’ll stick to my “n0-niche-theme”, instead of posting silly samples of my progress. I see enough of that stuff, when people have taken on a new hobby. I’m just so happy to have found out I’m able to write with a fountain pen.

st_petriToday is obviously 1st of May. In Sweden, that’s a holiday, and my mum and I always went out for dinner … “smörgåsbord”, which is the Swedish word for a big, huge buffet, with traditional food . You can eat yourself silly for a quite reasonably amount of money. Often the weather had gotten warmer, I could put on spring clothes — quite often, also something new! It’s nice to reminisce the good times 🙂. The picture shows the restaurant, where we always went. I took it when I was home back in 2011, so it’s an autumn picture. This beautiful, old building, is located next to the Cathedral, and owned by some kind of society … similar to Freemasons or Rotary. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photo of the interior — it’s absolutely magnificent.

Happy May to you all, out there, in the blogosphere! 🌷





39 Replies to “First of May [122/365]”

  1. Happy May Day to you too, Rebekah!
    And thanks for sharing all of these lovely memories. The tomatoes are gorgeous and the grand old home is amazing. You must see about getting photos of the interior, the next time you’re back home in Harnosand, yeah?: )

  2. Do you gravitate to the notebook section in a store?
    Are you highly skilled at judging the quality and usefulness of a notebook with just a quick glance?
    Do you have opinions on the numbers of pages a notebook should have?
    Do you judge stores by the quality of their stationery section?
    Do you find yourself inventing reasons to buy a small notebook?
    Do you buy notebooks and put them in a drawer where there are already several and do you like knowing that there is a continuing supply for when you need to start the next one?

    1. Yes, I do gravitate to the notebook section.
      No, I must touch the paper.
      No, not number.
      Yes, I would judge by quality of stationery section, if there were any such stores around.
      Yes! I do invent reasons. I try to justify buying a leather notebook, like I did in QC last summer.
      My drawer is already filled with numerous notebooks, so … YES 🙂

  3. I used to spend a small fortune on writing paper and would be a sucker for any new design. There was something special about writing a letter by hand. Much more personal than an email can do.

    1. I used to do that too, and it sure was special. Just didn’t realise how special it was back then. It was just something I did — several times a week. Now, it’s gone so far so people hardly even write email anymore — various text messages seem to have taken over the way how we communicate.

      1. I must be one of the few people on Earth who doesn’t have a cell phone. Oh, wait. They probably call them something else now. They do everything except think for us. I don’t know how to text, but I do know how to spell and write.

        1. Good for you. I sense you take a certain pride in this [not having a cell phone]. I do love my iPhone, but those text messages can be stress inducing at times. I don’t know why people didn’t stick to, at least, email. I, too, know how to spell and write.

          1. Yes, I don’t think much of being tied to a gadget and having to report every sigh and burp to my 800 “friends.” I’m disgusted when I see people out on a nature walk with blinders (or deafeners) on. They might as well be walking around the city blocks except that’s where it gets especially dangerous not to be aware of one’s surroundings. I could go on but … who put that soapbox under my feet anyway?

  4. I still LOVE going into a stationary store Rebby! So many possibilities. However I am email so much now it seems I do not buy as much paper & stickers & envelopes & pens.
    Letter writing is becoming a ‘lost art’!
    Love the photo of the restaurant. Look at the tree! Our trees have buds on them but no leaves; it is stil so cold here…
    Oh & today it is cold & rainy; very gloomy! Those tomatoes are lovely tho’….

    1. If there was one, I’d often hang around there. There’s none in Saint John. In Quebec City, I remember a pen store, but can’t really recall a specific stationery store, now that I think about it.

      I’ve been an email person, big time, over these years, but now that I’ve taken up this with the fountain pen, I’m once again feeling how much fun it is to write by hand.

      1. I used to love writing letters but it hurts more now to write than to type (stupid Arthritis).
        I have some letters to reply to but I never seem to ‘make time’.
        I think I have to change my ways, lol….

              1. When the pain is seriously severe it feels like I am being stabbed by burning swords….not that I have experienced that but you get the idea. I can feel the bone spurs as they shred the muscle or ligament & that is so painful.
                And people wonder why I stay at home so much now 😉

                    1. I take Extra strength Tylenol 3 times a day & for the severe pain 30 mgs of Codeine Phosphate with suppe. And sometimes 15-30 mgs more before bed. It just dulls the pain…..but better than feeling it full throttle!

  5. What? It’s not normal to be a stationery junkie? Hm… I love stationery quite a lot for a person who hardly ever uses it. I do like all kinds of sticky notes the most. And Frixion erasable pens for when I need to mark students’ papers or tests actually on paper. The pen is a miracle ❤

    1. 🙂 Perhaps the market for this type of stuff is larger than they’ve understood! Erasable pens I’ve yet to explore.

      I have sticky notes with little ducks on them 😂

      1. Of course you’d have sticky notes with ducks on them 😉 I need sticky notes with kittens. But nothing cheesy. The erasable pens are so awesome for copyediting – it erases without trace and without mess, and you can write on the same spot again. They probably have limited use for other purposes, such as caligraphy practice.

        1. Got to check out those pens — sounds interesting.

          I took two semesters of calligraphy — never again 😂. I just want to improve my handwriting … that’s an old ‘dream’.

          1. You actually studied calligraphy? Intriguing! While there is always a room for improvement, your handwriting is exceptionally well readable and good looking.

            1. They were evening classes … I thought I’d be able to learn, but there was that eternal issue about how to hold one’s hand, being a leftie. I never forget the guy, the teacher. His name was Florian, he always wore a barret and long cape. He was kind of aloof … like if he lived in some dream world 🙂

  6. Someone told me they had a new small ink store near them they were wanting to explore. She lives in Illinois. Maybe they are coming back. There certainly is an interest in writing and ink lately. The restaurant is amazing. It looks like an old mansion.

    1. Yeah, perhaps it is?! The reason I bought my pen, was a guy in FB who wrote about it. He sent me some links about lefties, inks ‘n stuff — that’s how I got started, and I love it!

      1. I know and I love that. It’s so nice to see handwriting again. I have some links to people who do handwriting on Instagram if you are interested. I just love all the fancy writing.

  7. I had lots of penpals as well as a kid! And how fun it was to go buying stationary!! Such a shame it is so hard to find stationaries today…. and ashame also that many of those small little stores disappears…. At least around here. But there is ONE still here, in next town, where they still have a few stationaries you can buy. But I am thinking they might not take in more once they sold out the stationary they have…. Just have to wait and see!

    Happy May!

    1. I would think in bigger cities they must still be around. We just didn’t find any in Stockholm. Next time, I’ll ask around beforehand.

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