WP Weekly ~ Admiration [121/365]

This, admittedly old, photo will have to represent who I admire: first responders.

nothing major had happened — merely a fender bender

All these men and women that run in to a burning building, or whatever the disaster at hand might be, that all we others run away from — they have my admiration. All the misery they get to see, images stuck on their retinas forever … I often wonder how much debriefing really helps.

14 thoughts on “WP Weekly ~ Admiration [121/365]

  1. These people don’t get enough pay for the risks they take for us. There are lots of horrid auto and motorcycle/moped accidents here. Mopeds are legal on public roads here which I think is just nutty.

  2. I completely agree.
    And to think here crime against first responders is on the rise, I can’t imagine how they keep doing it. I admire them for it, and thank them for it, but I couldn’t imagine doing it myself.
    They’re currently debating a law to punish crime against all aid personnell a lot harder and I hope it’ll go through. They got enough on their hands without drunk people attacking ambulance staff, violence against police forces on the rise and even firemen being accosted when they try to put out fires that happen to be in asylum seeker homes.
    Sometimes you really have to doubt humanity.

      1. sadly true.
        but another reason to be so extremely grateful to all those courageous people who decide, despite it all, to go into these professions. without them, what kind of world would this be?

        1. I’ve actually read about something similar to what you described, happening in some suburb of Stockholm too. It’s unbelievable — what’s wrong with people?!

  3. Yes, brave people to go in to unpredictable situations – and to do it time after time when they know what the risks are. It must take its toll on them.

    Did you photograph it from a distance with a longish lens? Great capture – it could be a staged set with actors and props or maybe a small-scale set with little models. I guess that unreality is part of what first responder have to face every day.

    1. Using myself as a reference, I always wonder how they deal with all those unreal images. The few, terrible things, I’ve seen in my life, kept playing like a video in my mind long time afterwards. Could still do, if I just touch upon the memory.

      Yes, it was shot from our balcony with the 70-300m.

  4. First Responders are the epitome of The Golden Rule; to “do unto others… ”
    Doctors, nurses, EMS, police and fire services – are ALL populated by people who want to help; That’s also why they do what they do: because all of those they DO help… And, without it, carrying on would be impossible.
    Do not despair. If each of us do what we can to counter what’s wrong in this world, good WILL prevail.

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