competition [120/365]

Later this year … much later … it will be twenty years since the first time I went online — on the World Wide Web.

It didn’t take long before my favourite chat server was sold to something called InfoSeek, and later to Disney. The latter shut it down, and we were all scattered around the web.

Many of us used AltaVista for searching. There were oodles of different search engines.

Many other social sites came and went over the years. I ended up blogging in Yahoo. They shut down their blogging site, and almost all of us went to a place called Multiply. Now, Yahoo is for sale. Multiply was either sold or just shut down, I’m not sure which.

I used to hang out in FriendFeed around 2008. There, I used to read about all kinds of start-ups and other fun stuff. Then it was bought by Facebook, and the bottom fell out of it.

Now there’s Facebook and Google. Twitter too, I guess, to a certain extent.  I feel as if nothing is happening. Nobody’s even trying. Will Facebook be the sole ruler of the Web in the long run? He (=Zuckerberg) bought the domain name so I guess that’s the plan.

Google has made a few attempts on social sites. There was Buzz, then came Wave and right now, there’s still Google Plus. I don’t sense Plus is going anywhere. Google Wave was the worst. They managed to create a huge hype about it, before it was released … they said it would “replace email forever”, but you still needed an email to sign in there (!). At first it seemed really cool, but after an hour or so, I started ask myself “What is it good for … what will I use it for?”. I was not the only one having that thought.

MySpace was a big thing for a while, but I never took part in that.

I miss those days when new stuff kept popping up. I try to keep myself abreast of what’s going on, but I certainly don’t see anything that could have Mark Zuckerberg worried, and I’m probably the only one thinking along those lines.

I feel good when I sign in to WordPress in the morning. This is my online home.



29 Replies to “competition [120/365]”

  1. For example, I keep getting requests to accept invitations from friends on LinkedIn, and I never use it because it is not easy to figure out. I just don’t have time for yet another different format.

      1. Me either, but I do copy editing. I don’t know if anyone goes there looking for copy editors, but I can’t work with a system where I have to fight through the process of using it every time.

          1. I have to admit I’m a bit of a pedant when it comes to correctness. If I make a mistake (and I do from time to time) it really bothers me until I fix it. If others make mistakes, I do “itch” to correct them but I’m working on getting over it. 😉 Mistakes just seem to leap right off the page at me.

  2. This might be easily my favourite post by you ❤ I enjoyed immensely looking at the beginning of social networking through your experience. I started late, given that the spread of new technology is so slow in my area, and it was only when I gained a sufficient command of English that I was really able to delve into this world. Until today, what’s available on Czech internet is horror. We have our own (perfectly useless) search engine and some chat sites and the like, but I never use any of those. We’re now probably at about the same level where the western world was in the 1990s. Like you, the place online where I feel most at home is WordPress 🙂

    1. why, Thank You! 😍 There’s also an age difference … I’m not really sure how old you’d have been 1996. When that started, I didn’t bother checking out the Swedish ones. I wanted to communicate in English. My day-to-day English was lousy. I remember when I had to run upstairs, at work, to get a hold of a dictionary, because I didn’t know what ‘crow’ meant (!). I think the Swedes were pretty good, though — I had the internet bank at a very early stage, and my bank got recognized with an international award for security. They must like technology, because they were really early out with personal cellphones too.

      Yes, this is home. Feels nice and calm to get in here in the morning … especially now, that I’ve found such a nice balance in blogging and following.

      1. Well, age difference though there is, I imagine that while you were setting up your first blog, I was writing emails on a metered connection, thinking how cool it was, and hoping my email wouldn’t disappear…

  3. I lately joined a site called Imzy, which is a new start-up somewhat similar to Facebook. It’s still in beta but it’s promising, just because it allows for more freedom. I’d like to see them do well, but I don’t have much hope. That seemed a bit pessimistic but glad to see I’m not the only one that kind of feels that way. The trend these days seems to be much more towards phone apps – Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and a dozen others I’m trying to avoid. I’m just glad I found WordPress too 🙂

    1. I’ll check it out. I’d encourage anyone who’s trying. There’s something called Ello. They tried to, but they haven’t made much noise.

      Oh, the trend is definitely towards apps like the ones you mention. The faster the better, for the younger generation. I do use IG and Twitter, to some extent, but not WhatsApp and SnapChat I haven’t even checked out. In the long run, it gets rather stressful when people want to chat instead of using email.

      I’m getting more thankful for WordPress the more I think of it now 🙂

  4. I get rather annoyed with things that constantly peg away at you to: join up /use (expand!) their service/ check others you may know):
    Remember that expression from an ad campaign or something(?)
    “Don’t call us… We’ll call you”; )

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