tomatoes [119/365]

tomatoesOf all fruit and veggies, the tomato  is one of my favourite. I deliberately wrote fruit and veggies, I’ve seen endless discussions where people have, wrongfully, referred to the tomato as a vegetable.

However, I find most of them  tasteless these days … and the larger they are, the less taste. The ones sold on the vine are somewhat better — more tomato tasting — but not much.

One time, in our grocery store, they had put out a small basket with tomatoes — extremely expensive — and I think the name had something to do with ‘heritage’. I bought two, and they were probably the best tasting tomatoes I’ve ever had. Except, perhaps, when picking them directly off the vine in a greenhouse.  They never showed up again in the store, needless to say.

I’ve never been into gardening — never grown anything except potatoes. I always kept tomato plants on my balcony in the various apartments I’ve lived, though, so both in the “solanum genus”. The only reason for the tomato plants was to keep wasps at bay. Guess I must have read some article about wasps disliking the smell of tomato plants.  I’m scared of wasps … I have a real phobia. Not sure how well it worked, but one year I did not have tomato plants, and then the wasps built a nest underneath a table on my balcony. That was a shocker and I had to call the super, to have it removed, while I was at work. This phobia is only about wasps … not bumblebees, I love them!

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  1. You’re right that the bigger the fruit/veggie is and the better it looks, the worse it tastes – in the sense of having no taste at all. I gave up a long time ago trying to identify what is fruit and what is vegetable, there are just too many catches…

      1. Does the banana have little seeds that we cannot see? Isn’t banana a little strange?! I don’t know what other fruits it’s related to … perhaps it’s from outer space 😂

        1. Ah, well funny you should mention that, as Bananas are a fruit in trouble… As I understand it, they have been interbred so intensively to NOT have seeds, that they now need to be propagated from slips of existing plants. I do remember seeing little brown specks in bananas, but not for a very long time… ):
          We saw where they were being grown, 25 years ago, when we were on the old road from Castries to Soufrière in Saint Lucia, West Indies. As we climbed up into the mountains, there was nothing else to be seen from one side of the valley to the other… The amazing man who was our cabbie said it was because there was nothing else alive down there and called it a green desert.

            1. Nope, not a bit. It would be interesting to see what’s happening these days… Our gentleman cab driver also said it was heavily sprayed to keep out insects and other vegetation. Roundup ready bananas, anyone?

  2. If, no WHEN you plant your tomatoes get the deepest pot you can find and then, if you plant them right up to the very top cluster of leaves, they’ll send out roots all along the stem and will grow – and produce -LIKE CRAZY!: )
    I LOVE this photo. (Had me instantly craving a toasted bacon and tomato sandwich; )
    And nothing beats the ones you grow yourself: )

  3. Oh, and if it’s red but it doesn’t smell like a ripe tomato, then it won’t taste like one either; ). Costco has those little guys that are a cross between Roma and a Cherry… They’re called Angel Sweet and they actually taste pretty good for “store-bought”, lol

    1. Yes, there are also several of those small ones — like cherry tomatoes — that taste pretty good. I’ve seen those ones in Costco … will check them out.

  4. I didn’t know that about wasps and tomato plants. I’m not afraid of wasps, but I find them extremely annoying. If the love of a good tomato wasn’t reason enough, I’ll be enthusiastically planting tomatoes near my deck this spring!!

    1. I don’t know where I got that phobia from, but I’ve had it since I was a child. Never been stung, but I’m convinced I’ll die if it were to happen. I probably will, if for nothing else so, out of pure fright.

  5. It’s the same situation here: tomatoes are usually tasteless and the ones on vines are much better.
    I grew tomatoes on my balcony when we had one, but now I don’t even have plants in my home. Only one single succulent-ish Aloe Vera or something siimilar that has mastered the art of being neglected…

  6. I can only eat tomatoes that has been cooked in some way. Not natural ones – then I get allergies 😦

    One year I had tomatoe plants, just for fun to try out! Did not get much on them though lol

    Oh I am scared to death for wasps too!! Been stung several times in my life and last time my arm was aching all day! Like you I am not scared of bumble bees! They ARE indeed so cute!! 🙂

    1. Lucky for you, you didn’t get any worse reaction from being stung. You, who are prone to allergies, one would think it could turn much worse.

      1. Yes I know! And son were stung one time as a toddler and I freaked out! Nothing happened to him either but the nurse said you might not get a bad reaction the first times you get stung, it can actually come maybe aftre being stung 3 or more times. That was so not fun to hear so is why I am still freaked out when a wasp is near me or son!!

        PLUS it hurts too LOL

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