Moleskine [118/365]

Still practicing with my fountain pen … haven’t give up on that … yet.

It’s as if I have to make up my mind what to do with the whole project: as things stand now, I can use it and write in my ordinary way, but only on certain kinds of paper.

If I use it and write with my arm in a strange, twisted position, I can write anywhere. Then I also get a different handwriting.

So … it’s all a matter of what I want to do.

  • Do I only want to write with it here at home ?
  • Do I want to carry it with me, in order to always be able to bring out this beautiful writing instrument?!

Time will probably tell.

[clickable for better viewing]
This morning, however, I decided to test it in one of my Moleskine Notebooks. I had a Moleskine, ruled, soft-cover lying around here, and I wanted to see what the paper was like … how the pen acted. It wasn’t good — it bled through. I wrote in the twisted postition, by the way. Not sure how a fine nib would have done — I don’t think that’s the issue.


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  1. I use Moleskine unlined notebooks and I just tried it and it bled through for me just a tiny bit at the end of one line where the pen stopped. For what it’s worth – I don’t take my pen out with me – just use it on my desk.

    1. Same here — just at the end of the lines.

      If I decide to only use it here on my desk … that will make my life with the fountain pen a whole lot easier.

      1. When I think about someone writing with a fountain pen, I see a cozy desk with all of the accoutrement: a Tiffany or banker’s lamp with opaline milk-glass shade to set the mood, a pad of slightly yellow paper and small pile of envelopes to match, with an elegant, slim-bladed letter opener off to one side…

        1. I love that picture … very much. I have a bankers lamp, with green shade. When I was younger, I used to order stationery, with my name embossed … it was linen, and I guess I was a bit obsessed with these things back then. That’s why I love this picture so much 🙂

  2. Good to be forewarned. I have several of these moleskin notebooks. Haven’t tried a fountain pen on them. But I have some good letter paper that would be fine for fountain pen use.

  3. I have a moleskin notebook which I don’t use, but it did always strike me as not having the best quality paper. Perhaps it’s deliberate, they may chose to use semi-recycled paper for reasons of ecology, fashionability or whatever. I always thought that the moleskin product price doesn’t correpond to what you get for it. After much experimenting, I decided to write all my notes on mobile devices, even shopping lists. Turned out to be easier at the end.

    1. They’re trendy … because Hemingway used them, I guess …

      I like to think that I’m a reasonably well organised person, but when it comes to jotting stuff down here, around the computer, everything is in total disarray! It’s very disturbing, and I’m thinking of straightening all that up now — in a notebook.

      1. Yes, they are trendy. And as many trends, they seem to be unreasonably overestimated.

        I organised myself better when I got my new laptop. Now I have automatic cloud backups of things I want to backup – I use OneDrive, part of the Microsoft office package I’m subscribed to, which has 1 TB storage space. In the same bundle is OneNote, something like Evernote or Wunderlist, which also works on Android – so that’s where I put down my shopping lists and to dos. Of course when you’re in grocery store where there is no 4G signal, you’re screwed and shopping-list-less.

  4. That is exactly what I meant, thank you for trying it with yours, too, and for taking the time to do so. I have to admit I had hoped you’d have better experiences and I just got a bad patch.
    I always felt rather happy writing in those notebooks, the pages smooth but not too smooth, the colouring just on the cream side – I love them. It’s so sad for me that I can’t use it with my fountain pens – hence my post this morning about it. There are a lot of good books out there, just not this one. And I happened to like this one 🙂

    And my fine nib did exactly the same (that’s the one in the photo at the top of the page where I write which kind of paper it is). Interestingly I recently read an article saying that some inks don’t bleed through, in that case it was I believe the Pelikan 4001 blue-black, but I haven’t tried that myself. For me, even the ghosting is too pronounced to use it for regular writing without having trouble with the readability. So if I’ll go back to ballpoint, I’ll gladly use my stash, but not with my fountain pens.

    1. I have another Moleskine, which isn’t ruled, and that paper feels a little different. Will try that one too. I noticed in this one, with the soft cover, the stuff I’d written earlier, with the time of gel pen, looked terrible … perhaps what you refer to as ‘ghosting’ … not sure.

      1. What I meant with ghosting is the fact that even though it might not be bleeding through, the rest of the writing is very well visible on the other side as well, and that is very annoying when writing on the second side.
        Do you mean the feathering, like… little veins flowing from the writing? I hate it when that happens overmuch.
        I’d like to see the other notebook, too. Just for comparison.

        1. Just tried the other one. There was NO difference, whatsoever! I thought the paper felt a little ‘thicker’, but that was only in my imagination. Same bleeding, and ghosting too.

          1. Aaw, damn. I had high hopes.
            Moleskines are great for pencils and ballpoints then, but nothing for ink.

            Sad for a notebook of that price category, really. But then, there is a great range of good paper in all price categories that we can take. One less choice might not be such a bad thing 😉

            1. Yes, sad. I have another beauty here … with some type of leather cover, the brand is Paperblanks. It bleeds through there too, only a little less than in the Moleskine. Tonight, I’ll check out the other ones I have lying around … I love this type of stuff LOL

              1. That’s surprising to me. All Paperblanks I’ve tried until now had very thick paper and no bleed-through (or ghosting at that) whatsoever. But all kinds of Paperblanks I’ve tried until now had very different paper, too.

                See how fast this gets addicting? 🙂 I have one sheet of paper of each type and write on that with each pen / ink combination I try out. That way I can see which ones work and which ones don’t. Also, it’s fun 😛

                1. It is a lot of fun! This is an old ‘thing’ for me — as a young person, I loved this stuff, but somehow lost it in my teenage years. Now it’s back, and that feels great 🙂

  5. Lol, funny how some things’ reputation can raise unreasonable expectations, isn’t it?
    But honestly? I’m thinking this is why the world left the fountain pen behind in favour of simple ballpoint…
    I still take strange pleasure in searching for THE Perfect Pen; the one that allows just enough extra flourish (time allowing; ) and good, smooth travel across the page… Funnily enough, it seems that the “pennies each” PaperMate stick pen is the one I keep coming back to; )

    1. Whatever works best for you in writing, Deb. 🙂 When it comes to ballpoint pens, I really love the Schneider Slider Memo XB. So damned smooth and really well gliding, with a minimum of pressure, in rather nice colors, too. That’s what I usually use at work. But when I have the time for writing, I really enjoy fountain pens. My current favorite is the Pelikan M605 B. But yes, finding THE perfect pen is a great goal, and one I wholeheartedly support 🙂

      It wasn’t quite the reputation that raised those expectations in me, it were my previous experiences with the product. 😉 But yeah, I’m as prone as the next person to fall for big names. And be surprised at “small” ones. I love finding small companies or shops who keep surprising me with products I love. That’s what the internet never will be able to replace, that feeling of the “shop next door” and the personal service they give you. It’s why I keep going there if I can get what I need with them rather than order via internet.

      1. Yes, yes, yes and YES! I couldn’t agree with you more: ) About expectations based on reputation however; something I’ve noticed over the years (and much more often recently): is that what we’ve come to expect and what we’re actually getting are two very different realities…
        The only way to combat shoddy workmanship – often still at premium prices – is, as you say, by shopping in person; using our critical eye and purchasing power to make our wishes known. That we expect their product to be what they’re selling – not what they’re giving us.

    2. Deb, I’m still on the hunt for the Perfect Pen (meaning ball point pen). This fountain pen thing is merely a side project. Strangely enough I found the Perfect Pen once; it was one I ‘scrounged’ from the Scotiabank! That wasn’t all that helpful, because I can’t tell what brand the cartridge (or whatever it’s called that holds the ink inside them) is. It’s smooth, and doesn’t glide too easily … there’s a certain resistance, which I like. I can’t handle those gel pens. I even liked the cheap Bic pens, while they had the yellow ones. They seem to be gone now.

      1. Yes, I think remember those Bic Stick pens: six-sided and you couldn’t see through them. They had a slightly finer point that the crystal clear, medium point? They stayed firm between your fingers, unlike the pens with a smooth, round barrel: )

            1. I took it. They never saw it coming. Still have it here. It’s heavy — feels wonderful in my hand. The cartridge has no sign of any kind of manufacturer …

  6. I do art journaling in my moleskines 😛 But I have to use gesso first, it’s a primer thing. Then I can do art on the page without bleading through but that is for art! I think it would be a lot of job to do that for just writing!

    Hopefully you’ll find a good notebook that you can use!

    1. Yes, I already did. An actually cheaper book, that looks just the same, but has much better quality paper! 🙂 I use that for practice right now.

        1. An ordinary notebook, that looks exactly like a Moleskine, but a different brand (Cambridge). Much thicker paper, reasonably smooth too.

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