Changing Seasons ~ April 2016 [117/365]

April’s instalment for The Changing Seasons 2016 challenge. A little bit has changed since March — there’s no snow. There’s just a slight hint of green in the brown grass, if you look closely. The deer are still around, because they get so much good food in the park. One wigeon couple is back in the duck pond, and all the cormorants are back at the Reversing Falls. Found those red buds on a tree today, I don’t know what kind of tree, but they looked pretty.

The water levels in the rivers are a little higher than they are normally, but wasn’t any big spring thaw, so no risk for flooding this year. We had one day of reasonably warm weather, but when I woke up yesterday morning, it was five degrees below freezing!

35 Replies to “Changing Seasons ~ April 2016 [117/365]”

  1. I like that red thingy, the duck and the deer. It’s been cold here the last couple of days too. Around 0 celsius. Yesterday I stole some wild growing plants from a park and planted them in our backyard, so next spring they’ll hopefully grow up and eventually spread around the whole flowerbed where I planted them.

    1. Yes, it’s a slow Spring this year. Snow in my hometown yesterday.

      What a great idea! My husband did something similar, when he had a house … not flowering plants, but something else. It almost overtook his entire garden, so it came back to bite him in the tail LOL

  2. Cautiously optimistic that Spring has finally ‘sprung’ my friend! Your photos capture Spring there so beautifully! Love those red buds…cherry blossoms perhaps???
    We have wild mint & violets here at building. The tulips barely had time to bloom when temps dipped so they got too cold. Oh & the Hillyer’s have Snowdrops blooming in their garden!!!!

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen lots of flowers outside peoples’ houses, but none that I could photograph … except this daffie in the park.

      Still very cold … only 5º today.

        1. Same wind today. He talked about it on the weather last night — it’s this same wind/system that’s brought all that snow to Newfoundland!

        1. It’s more better called Global Climate Change with its extremes and sudden changes of weather. The old four seasons barely exist anymore. We will, most likely once again be dropped into full-on Summer with barely any Spring to speak of…

  3. You’ve been quite fast with catching up on the Changing Seasons! I still haven’t even taken my photos yet, not to mention posting them. I love the red/pinkish budding tree the most and then the other tree landscape you have there, but all are great shots!

    I’m all for global warming if it prevents me from freezing in the rain and wind and temperatures slightly above zero today. I guess I’ll need to steal some plants from the park too so as to know that the current season is the spring.

    1. When I noticed the Cardinal had posted his, then I made a point of remembering it. I think it will get easier from now on. It’s still that brownish grey colour everywhere, but towards the end of May, things will start to look up. Then comes the Autumn, which I really love …

      1. Well, I do remember that I have to/want to take the changing seasons photos, but I don’t fancy going out in the rain and wind. Perhaps later this week… We do have lots of spring colours here already but it somehow loses its appeal when it’s so cold.

            1. Actually I don’t think it’s called global warming anymore because it’s a misunderstood term. Normally it’s referred to simply as climate change now.

          1. They – well, early-blooming trees’ pollen – are the reason that many peoples’ allergies are going wild right now. Between Spring being held back and cities planting male only species (no messy, seed-producing females that need to be cleaned up after) also means that there are no sticky female receptors to mop up massive amounts of pollen [and equal amounts of air-borne pollution]

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