fishing — not phishing [114/365]

Cormorants are back, in full force, fishing at the Reversing Falls. It’s a delight to watch how skillful they are. Yesterday, we almost had summer weather here, and we happened to arrive at the Falls, just as the tide was coming in. That’s the time for fishing and hundreds if not thousands of cormorants were there. It’s also good for photography, if you want to practice timing/action shots. A guy was there with his drone, and I’m looking forward to seeing the video from that. I got his card, with address to his website.

After a hundred and ten posts, I’ve changed the β€œblog cloth” πŸ™‚ = theme. I used to change often, but I guess I was happy with the one I had. Not so sure about this one. It looks nice and clean, but it has one bug in it. You have two choices of menu locations, and if you chose the upper menu, it won’t be visible in the mobile version.

Secondly, I really prefer threaded comments. It makes for much easier reading, when you wont to follow the conversations. The guy who created this theme is usually so good, and thorough … this surprised me a little.


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    1. Yes, it is πŸ™‚ I’d had the other one for four months, and I can always go back or change again.

      I love watching these birds … both landing and fishing.

  1. Great series, Bekah!: )
    As you say, they are very efficient fishers, and I’m thinking that it’s a good thing that the bigger gulls are there to “share” the cormorants’ catch… Up here, on the shores of the Great Lakes, cormorant populations are out of control because they don’t have enough competition and (excessive buildup of) their guano is decimating delicate balance of shoreline plant & tree species…

    1. Yes, they have the same problem on a number of small islands in the Swedish archipelago … with the guano, that is. Here, one side of the three islands at the Falls is completely covered with it.

  2. When a new theme comes available I will usually have a Preview of it. Didn’t like this one. This is one major disadvantage to the .com of WP. They have over 400 themes now and many of them plain old suck. Sorry, don’t mean to be mean with that. And threaded comments are better.

        1. Heh! Yeah, and there, many of them are so lousy so they shouldn’t have been let out at all in the first place.

          And then they state that the theme has this or that feature, but then it turns out you’ll have to pay … arghhh!

  3. I love your action cormorants! And I agree with all said about the themes. I noticed the threaded comments aren’t threaded (and was about to ask you about your opinion), but curiously, I don’t hate it so much, so the theme is a keeper. For now.

    I do hope I’ll get at least a polite “no” in answer to my request about the gallery post format. I pay for my upgrade bundle, and I should be entitled to support as part of the bundle. I might email support directly if nothing happens. WordPress doesn’t seem to be getting any better 😦 But, enough ranting now, let’s just enjoy your cormorants!

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Usually, I steer clear of those support forums if I can. Some people seem to live there, see it as a job volunteering, but act as they were part owners. I’ve seen so many snooty replies in there, it isn’t funny. That said, I was pleasantly surprised this time, but she was actually staff. Then there’s a wonderful person in the CSS forum — he’s outstanding when it comes to solutions, and so kind.

      Write to them instead … it’s part of your bundle!

      1. I know exactly what you mean. (Though it sounds presumptuous.) I only go to the forums as the last resort and I try very hard to find the solution in some of the previously posted threads. I rarely ask anything myself.

        I’ve read so many replies from volunteers who just copied and pasted the usual unhelpful series of 1, read the support documentation, 2, clear your cookies etc. etc. And entirely ignore that the person whom they are responding states that s/he already took those steps, hence s/he is asking what next. It’s a nice sentiment, to volunteer in support, but often wrongly executed.

        1. There’s one in particular, she’s been doing it for years … it must have gone to her head. She’s there ALL the time, but luckily now when I asked, I got a staff person. The guy in the CSS forum … he’s a saint! πŸ™‚

          1. I think I know whom you mean… I got a few good answers from volunteers, and a few not so good. I hate it to be told in capital letters with a bunch of exclamation marks that I mustn’t do something – especially when the something is really just a question of taste.

            I remember I got some good help with CSS a while ago, perhaps it was “your” guy πŸ˜‰

  4. I adore Cormorants! They are amazing aerialists!
    As for changing the look of the blog you know I am stumped. I did what you said but there are no options. I would like to change it up but I can’t find a layout like Bouquet plus I do not want to lose my ‘widgets’. I had a bleep of a time getting them back yesterday!!!!
    You are so good at this stuff. I wished I lived close to you πŸ˜‰

      1. A lot of people do not like these bird (fishermen). The birds are supposed to keep carp population in control. But that backfired! Because Cormorants don’t know the difference between carp, salmon, trout……
        And any help would be a G-D send for me. I just want to change the color of Font to something Purple or Royal Blue…something more mature. Oh & the frame of the blog is orange & I would like it blue instead & we used to be able to change that for free???

          1. Thank you for the assistance & emails. I adore the “Bouquet’ layout so trying to change it is going to be a drag & if I can’t go back to it…..well, I will leave it as it is then!

  5. I wondered what had happened as I went to change the background. There was no place to click on to do the horizontal tiles like I did with Namaste hands.
    Is there anyway to check out themes w/out messing up the blog itself?

    1. There is a setting for that.

      Sure there is a way: Just go to Under Appearances, click on Themes. There, they’ll all show up. Then you click PREVIEW on any of them you might be interested in. Your own blog will show up, with that theme applied AND the Customize bar to the left. There you can go and change font or anything, colours, but nothing will mess up your site, as long as you don’t hit SAVE & PUBLISH. When you see you don’t want it, just click the X in the far top left corner. Or CANCEL, I don’t remember what it was … πŸ™‚

  6. YOU are a GENIUS Rebby!!! What would I do without your help???
    And I am not phishing/fishing for more help, hahahahaha!!!!
    I am going to try this right now!

  7. I checked 3 times & menus & widgets are present on new theme…please can you go check the blog & see if you see menus & widgets? Menu’s @ Top of blog & widgets still on right side of blog

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