thankful for auto-save [112/365]

When I was typing up yesterday’s post, by mistake I closed the tab I was typing in. In old times, everything would have been lost. Not that it was such an epic post, but still … I feel each time I have to re-write something, it gets different, somehow.

Every since I made the switch from Windows to Mac, I’ve used the Safari browser. It’s an okay browser, but it’s very grey. Everything is grey. There’s very little distinction between the active tab and the other ones, and that makes it easy to close the wrong one. I don’t like to have many tabs open — never more than three — so I constantly keep shutting them down.

Now … back to yesterday … I closed the WordPress page I was typing in, but the whole thing was saved! Yay! I love auto-save! This all brought back memories of my first blogging site Yahoo 360º. Everything in there was so iffy, so always, before hitting the publish-button, I copied the whole thing I’d written. That way, I was able to just paste it. We learned from our mistakes.

I won’t go back to the Chrome browser, that I’d used since the first day of its release. It is installed here, though … I have to open it when I want to look at source code. Besides, there’s this little game in Facebook I play, at times, and that gets very slow in Chrome … which is strange, but I won’t dwell on that.


12 Replies to “thankful for auto-save [112/365]”

  1. I keep Safari handy for viewing how my site renders in a different browser but switched back to FF a few weeks ago. Safari renders beautifully but isn’t robust enough for certain tasks on the Mac Air. By that I mean visually. Safari is just too gray as you say for certain operations. But I use it exclusively on my mobile devices where it just works so much better than any other browser.

    1. I always keep the Chrome around. I need it when I want to look at CSS. In Safari I’ve never managed to figure out how to view the stuff I want.

  2. Hm, that is curious, the issue you experience with Chrome. It’s by far my most favourite browser, and though I use others too, I use Chrome most often. I love it that you can add lots of extensions on it, and I’m happy with how well the AdBlock extension works in particular.

    I couldn’t help chuckling when I got to the part when you used to copy what you’ve written online in case something went wrong and you needed to paste it. I used to do this with emails in the late 1990s when I first started to use a computer. Autosave is the best. No matter whether you write a note on the web or your next novel.

    1. The Chrome browser is really nice! I just decided to change to Safari when I first got the MacBook. It’s very grey, but good. I have AdBlock here too.
      Yeah, that Yahoo’s blogging platform kept crashing all the time, but we had a lot of fun there! 🙂 There was this great sense of community … some of them are here in WordPress now.

  3. What’s that expression – something about “Life’s hardest lessons learned…”? And I couldn’t agree more about Safari and closing pages (wrong and otherwise): but I still prefer it… There’s another person in the household who is enamoured with Chrome and there have been multiple discussions; )

    1. I could go either way now, were it not for that silly, little game. For one reason or another, it runs so slow in Chrome, and it’s a fast paced game … you only have 60 seconds. I know extensions will slow it down, but I have so few.

        1. Ahh yes … I figured that, after I’d posted the comment. It’s so deeply integrated with your Google account (if you have one). Myself, I’ve pretty much given up on that, or it would drive me nuts.

          As you know, we’re watching House of Cards. A part of it, last night, reiterated those thoughts … on a whole different level. It was really interesting, but I won’t go into any details in case you decide to watch it some time.

            1. Well, who isn’t a lover of free will … this great gift we were born with. That said, we all like to have an email account too, and I doubt Google is any worse than the other providers.

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