subterranean rodent [110/365]

DSC_9220Lately, I’ve checked out groundhog holes, both on Fort Howe and at the Reversing Falls, each time we’ve gone by, hoping to finally see one. Those are two places, where you can be almost certain they’ll show up, and yesterday I was rewarded. She was out, sunning herself outside her hole, but when I gently threw a peanut in her direction, of course she picked it up.

Three marmots from 2014

When we lived in Quebec, and had a backyard, we had a whole, little family living in the far corner. Oh, how I wished I’d had the camera I have today … or rather, been into photography in the first place. She had three, little ones, that first spring I lived there. There was, sort of, a little hill, up to the entrance of the hole, so we put a gangplank there, and I used to line up peanuts on it. It looked too funny when the three, little ones, were standing on that plank, each with a peanut in its hands. I fell in love with groundhogs and  raccoons back then. A Flickr-search revealed I now have 482 groundhog photos in my files (!) 🙂 and there are more to come.



12 Replies to “subterranean rodent [110/365]”

  1. Your photos are gorgeous as ever. I can’t help laughing at the creature’s teeth though, there is something about them that I find inexplicably amusing. Maybe it’s because she looks like she’s constantly laughing herself.

    1. Yeah, she does have a bit of a smile on her face! Happy to see peanuts being handed out, perhaps?! 🙂 Peanuts are universal … everyone seems to like them!

  2. LOL! Can’t help but think of that silly Bill Murray endlessly chasing the rodent in Caddy Shack; ). I LOVE groundhogs!
    I don’t suppose your semi-tame human fed characters feel like they’re under much of a threat, but have you ever heard their warning whistle?

          1. It’s meant to be a warning to the others nearby (just like beavers slap their tails on the water, yeah?) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a recording with what I was looking for and you only hear the first note – the second is slightly lower. This one was being so quiet because the person filming was very close; but, when my dad used to do it, any animal within earshot would pop up to have a look (to identify the danger), and it was a sharp, whistled “look out!” and not quiet at all.

    1. I know, right! It’s unbelievable, I mean after all it’s a fairly big city! Eagles flying by our windows and all that — it’s wonderful!

      1. Yes!! I mean I live in a very smalltown, sure I see some squirrels, hedgehogs and some little birds. In a rare occation I have seen a moose and deers but they have been far away!

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