mackay highway [109/365]

DSC_9167A pointless picture of a stretch of highway … Mackay Highway, leading in to Saint John. Took it from inside the car, on our way back, yesterday. The windshield wasn’t perfectly clean — amazing what you can do in Photoshop.

Not until now, when I was about to write this, I’ve taken time out to google why it’s named Mackay. Turns out Hugh Mackay was a judge and political figure who lived in the 1800’s. I’ve often wondered what you had to do to get a highway named after you.

route1This is Route 1, and only part of it is named after Mackay. If you keep on driving, you’ll end up at the American border … would take you a little more than an hour from where this was shot, not far from Quispamsis. Then you could hook up to US Route 1 and drive all the way down to Key West, Florida. That would be quite the drive … 🙂

Quispamsis is a municipality of its own, it’s become a sleeping community of Saint John. We have many funny place- and street names around here, that took me some time to learn how to pronounce. Nauwigewauk is another — it sounds almost like “now would you walk” A street here in town is named Manawagonish Road. There, I had to practice, quietly in my head, many times before I said it out loud.

11 Replies to “mackay highway [109/365]”

  1. I guess a highway is an OK thing to have named after one. Not so sure about it if the judge was named ‘Lost’

    In a gallery in New York, all the gallery rooms were named after patrons. That’s not unusual of course. But the lift/elevator was named after someone. I thought that was a bit strange.. It was just the words ‘The John and Janet Smith Elevator’ – something like that. It reminds me of what happens on trains and long-distance coaches in the UK nowadays. The ‘crew’ welcomes everyone on board and speaks about the journey as though it was an Atlantic crossing. 🙂

    1. 🙂 They do that on buses in Sweden too. I don’t remember if they did it on the bus I boarded in Quebec last summer, but I think so.

      I wish I could make something, good enough, to have something named after me — not necessarily an elevator ~teehee~

    2. At least you have a crew” to welcome you… Around here, it’s all about making things happen with as little human expense as possible… ): Have you ever seen the Michael Moore film “Roger and Me”?

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