panoramic view [108/365]

Today, we went on a little outing, in the brilliant spring weather.

DSC_9132First, we went to Quaco Lighthouse, which we haven’t visited for several years. Nothing had improved there — still in disrepair … in big demand for at least a paint job. It’s so sad, it’s such a picturesque lighthouse, but  it’s not alone. So many lighthouses on the east coast are falling apart.

I took this panoramic picture with the iPhone (click for better viewing — will open in new tab).

quaco_pano Next to Quaco is St. Martins. It was low tide.


Not too many places where you can get two covered bridges in the same frame 🙂 (plus the omnipresent power lines)


We had a scrumptious clam chowder — one of the restaurants was already open, even though the tourist season hasn’t commenced.

Took another panoramic photo, because it was fun!


Saw two, bald eagles, soaring in the sky on our way back, but they weren’t in range for my camera. There will be others …

That was our Sunday in pictures. We’re so blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings.


9 Replies to “panoramic view [108/365]”

    1. Yes, I hope so too. There’s even been a TV documentary about how the east coast lighthouses are falling apart. They used to be federal, but not so anymore …

  1. Ah, such wonderful vistas, Rebekah; thank you! It’s certainly not hard to see why the lighthouse is necessary, with those incredibly menacing black rocks lurking just beneath the surface like a dragon’s spine!
    Luckily this one’s built of concrete block and paint is optional; but I recall seeing some incredibly beautiful old buildings down there when I was a kid, and feeling heartbroken at the state they were in – all of that work gone for naught, all of that History… ):

    1. The whole north end is full of such buildings. Yeah, paint is optional, but it would look a lot better — it’s a cute little lighthouse. It was low tide, otherwise those rocks wouldn’t have been visible!

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