it has arrived [106/365]

DSC_9119Today my fountain pen arrived. I put it together (it has an ink cartridge, didn’t bother with the converter at this point), and started right away. Unfortunately, I chose just some copy paper, and the smudging was bad! Had to hold my hand in a really weird angle, which made half of my body all tense. It was awkward, and I was thinking it would take very long time before I’d become accustomed to it.

Now, tonight, I tried again, this time on yellow notebook paper. Wow! What a difference! It felt wonderful … especially when I could remember to not put as much pressure as I’m used to.

This is a Cross pen, the cheapest in their line-up, and has a medium nib. I deliberately chose medium, because I’ve never been a big fan on fine, even with regular pens.

Never thought I’d be able to produce a writing sample this early, but here it is. This pen and I will become great friends. It’s like a calming exercise … toΒ write slowly — so nice to see my words come flowing out of the pen. I’m very pleased with my purchase.


(The yellow colour really came out weird in this picture!)

28 Replies to “it has arrived [106/365]”

    1. No, one has to adjust oneself πŸ™‚… to somehow hold the hand so I don’t drag it in what I just wrote. But that’s difficult. Here, on this yellow, it worked great, though …

  1. Oooh!! Pen or no pen, your handwriting is so beautiful! How can you make yourself write in linked script? And so neatly! Not to mention your practical disadvantage as a left-handed person. You have my admiration.

    1. Thank you! (and I really mean that) I was never fully happy with my handwriting. With this pen, I have to force myself and write slower, which apparently is a good thing for me. That’s how we were taught to write in school. The r:s, the t:s are different from here. I don’t cross my t:s (only sometimes)

  2. You have lovely penmanship there Rebby! And I am so happy you & your fountain pen are ‘getting acquainted’! I have never been able to master the art of writing with such a pen! So I admire someone who can……

    1. I’ve always wanted to — and now I can 😊! It’s wonderful (provided I use the right kind of paper).

      Thank you about the handwriting πŸ™‚

  3. Well, “Hello Rebekah!” After seeing the photo of your handwriting, I suddenly feel as though I’m getting to know you on a whole different level… (Starting from scratch, so to speak; )

  4. You have a really beautiful handwriting. I hope you will find a lot of enjoyment with this hobby as you practice with it. And it is a pretty pen. πŸ™‚
    If you want a suggestion on (white) paper, try the Rhodia brand. They are phantastic when it comes to fountain pens, and my personal favorite. The ink comes out brighter there. And they’re not that expensive as well.

    Of course, that might get you into different inks and various pens and… trust me it’s not a cheap hobby. But worth it when it means that handwriting will survive. I can’t stop these days. But then, I’m a writer. I love this hobby, and I have way too many pens myself.

    Please, stick with it, enjoy it, and have a wonderful time improving and writing. And don’t change that penmanship, it really looks great. Makes me want to get out my (admittedly rusty) cursive skills again.

    1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by and commenting! πŸ™‚ I sense that this is definitely something for me — something that will last. I think it’s good for the mind too.

      I’ve read about some quick drying ink, that supposedly would be better for lefties, and I might try that eventually. For now, it works alright, as long as the paper is absorbing. Bought some beautiful paper today — parchment-like — and was so looking forward to trying it. Well … that didn’t work at all! All smudged. Oh well, I’ll find other uses for it.

      1. I think I saw some of that quick-drying ink for lefties on the site of the Goulet Pen Company. Since they’re in the US, I’m guessing it’ll be easier for you to order than for me. πŸ™‚ And I’m really tempted.
        Ah, the paper question. A never ending story, or rather, I haven’t found one yet myself. Don’t go for the very smooth ones like Clairefontaine, they are great for pens but sadly great for smudging as well.

        And you actually made me try out my cursive again. After a little practice it goes surprisingly smoothly, though not as fast as I’m with my regular writing. But you are absolutely right, it has a certain style feeling to it you don’t get with the regular non-cursive handwriting style. I might do it more often from now on.

        1. Today, I went and bought some really expensive, high quality paper … 100% cotton, felt wonderful. That didn’t help … it smudges terribly. If I write one line at the time, and then hold a paper towel over it … then it works. Must check for that ink …

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