frigid air [105/365]

frigidaireOver the last couple of days, I sensed my milk wasn’t cold enough. The first day, I thought it was me, imagining things, but I turned up the dial to max in the fridge.

The following day, it wasn’t any better … rather worse, so yesterday morning we called the super. He came up to have a look at it, and said it was one of the original fridges from when this was built, back in 1967. Different quality back then, it seems … Β They’d order a new one, he said, and asked if we had some cooler where we could put stuff in the meantime.

However, when suppertime rolled around, our new fridge was already installed and up and running. Sometimes apartment living really has its perks. If nothing else, it’s care free — all we had to do was to pick up the phone.

frigidaire2So now we have this fine, white Frigidaire — the old one was General Electric. It seems it’s larger on the inside, even though the outside measurements are pretty much the same. Also of course, we got the grand opportunity to sort out lots of stuff that had to go. More than I would’ve imagined. From now on, order will rule πŸ™‚ We didn’t lose any food, except one milk, and the freezer wasn’t affected by this.


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  1. I love the name Frigidaire – never heard of it until I went to the States. Do you mentally split it into frigid-air? And although frigid means very cold, there are the other meanings of stiff, formal, sexually repulsed – and I wonder who thought of the name for an appliance? Did they know? Did they have focus groups and work out that the name would attract customers because there’s emotional power in the word? πŸ™‚

    1. I thought of that, now when I typed it … the other meanings πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure of this, but it could be, thanks to this brand, the appliance is being referred to as ‘fridge’. Or, if it’s simply an abbreviation of refrigerator. It’s a very old brand … one wonders how they were thinking, when they made it up. When I typed it, I wasn’t sure if there was a D in frigid, because of the fridge-word πŸ™‚

  2. I know that yesterday I said I wanted to live in Sweden but today I want to live in Canada… Here, flats are typically rented unfurnished, and even when they are furnished, you can’t expect that maintenance goes with it. It must have been an extremely solid machine to have lasted for so many decades! RIP.

    1. That’s very interesting — we talked about that with the guys who were here, installing. Turns out, in the province of Quebec, apartments are unfurnished … i.e. you have to get your own appliances. Not so here, and in Sweden, that’s unheard of. In the 80s, I often had visitors from Germany, and I remember they always seemed to admire my kitchen (which I, myself, found very ordinary). They told me, in some cases, they even had to bring the cupboards!

      Yes, RIP … it was a good fridge, until it slowly gave up its breath.

      1. To have to bring the cupboards to a rented flat? Oh dear… Here the kitchen unit is a standard, it’s always built in. The appliances might or might not be included. I own my furniture and appliances except for the oven and the cooking hob, which are built in.

        1. Yes, I thought it was bad enough with the appliances. Now, this was a long time ago — in the early 80s. I’ve never had the chance to ask anyone since. Almost all Germans I’ve met have been from the same place (!)

  3. I’m waiting for my Amana to pack it in. It’s been going strong for 24 years and although we’ve looked at new fridges, they just don’t make them like they used to. I’m hoping my Amana will hang in there for another 24 years. Well,…I’d be happy with five more.

  4. You can be certain that your new one won’t have the same impressive lifespan. Unfortunately appliances just aren’t built to last anymore.
    Can you tell I’m still angry about our upright freezer than needed service after only 18 months?!!

  5. We’ve been looking at fridges for the past couple of months. Appliances don’t come with your rental in Cuenca unless you are renting fully furnished. In our case, the house has a stove top and a friend has loaned us a small bar fridge. I am hoping to get a used fridge but, so far, have not managed to save enough cash for one. We can buy a new one and make interest free payments and we are toying with that. Some branherds I recognize here like Electrolux and others are local brands.

        1. Yeah, it has become one of those things we just take for granted … until we find ourselves without one. Then we see how much they mean πŸ™‚

  6. GE was a FAB producer of everything electric back in the day!
    Now there are these Fridgidaire & trust me it will not last any 30+ years. You’ll be lucky to get 10!
    I miss the good old days when appliances lasted for a very long time!

    1. Well, thanks! It sits there now, looking fine. It wasn’t a problem since there was no costs involved, and it was installed in less than an hour.

    1. Yes, had we lived in a condo, as opposed to apartment, we would have had to go out and buy one. AND have someone install it. Apartment-living is worry free.

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