never too late [104/365]

My blog post #94 was entitled ‘handwriting’. It was about being left-handed and fountain pens. Since then, I’ve been practicing, holding my hand differently, while writing with an ordinary gel pen. That produces a while different style of script, but so be it. I went ahead and ordered a fountain pen from Amazon (Staples were sold out!), it will arrive on Friday.

This feels exciting! At the ripe age of sixty, I’m finally getting to be the owner/user of a fountain pen. We’ll see how it goes — eventually, I may post a sample. That would go to prove that “it’s never too late”. My motto rather used to be “it’s never too late to give up” 🙂 Now another question will present itself: “What will I write with it?” It’s not like I have a bunch of pen pals, like I did when I was a teenager.



20 Replies to “never too late [104/365]”

  1. I was considering picking up my brush and some ink the other day, but then my thoughts were exactly the same as yours: “What will I write/paint with it?”…

  2. Haha, Never too late to give up is a good motto! Now I visualise you writing poetry with your new pen 😉 Or blog posts! Then scan as image and post as image…

    1. It’s a good and comforting motto 🙂
      Not much poetry will come out of my pen, but I’ll come up with something. I’ll get some pen pals 🙂

  3. I love writing with a fountain pen. Don’t do it much anymore but it’s such a nice feeling to watch the words taking shape when they literally pour out of the pen.

    1. It’s a wish I’ve had all my life. Now I’m really going to give it a go. Takes a little more practice for me, due to the left-handedness, but I’ll do it 🙂

  4. If you go to and pick a group of fonts or any font you are interested in the way it is written you can write a work you would like to see it in or ABCD or something like that and I practice the scripts I like there by just doing alphabet letters or words. You must get a lined book of some kind so your letters will line up and be the same to make you feel like you are doing some good. You can write to me!

  5. Hello Rebekah I think your attitude of its never too late is a good one. No matter our age we still want to be engage with the world and the blog world opens up so many possibilities with people from all places around the globe. Good luck with your new pen, I remember when I was in primary school we were given a fountain pen to use. I still remember it clearly, an Osmiroid 66……I wrote scratchy but I was scratchy with ink…..Just think when you wake up at 3am with an idea you can use your new pen to joy down notes without having to get out of bed….

    1. Thank you! No, it’s never too late to learn something new, and I do believe I will strive to learn as long as I live. My new pen, that’s on its way, is a Cross. I’m so looking forward to start practicing.

  6. I have a large container filled with different coloured pens and another with different coloured pencils. The pencils of course I use for colouring. I’m addicted to colouring books.
    The pens are just a quirky thing. I use them only to keep lists and scribble notes to myself. Today is just plain blue … but yesterday was hot pink 🙂
    At any point in time, my notebook could be filled with many different colours. It’s my version of being artistic.
    (Did I ever mention I’m not very artistic?)

    1. I’m not artistic either. I’ve tried — I just don’t have it in me. Tried the colouring books, but that wasn’t for me either. Still … I love pens, and stationery stuff.

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