fog horn [103/365]

This sound was part of my growing up. Not so close, though … more faint. In Härnösand, where I lived, the fog horn was placed on the outer rocks of the island. A few kilometres from where I lived, but still highly audible.

The photo above, is from where it used to be. It was the pilot station and it’s really old … it goes back to the 1700’s. From what I remember, it was also the coastal radio station in the 60’s. Nowadays, I think it’s some kind of B&B with conference facilities. Times change!

Gerry, my husband, grew up here in Saint John, where the fog is almost omnipresent — very much so this morning. The sound of the fog horn here, must really have been part of daily life. We used to joke around, saying that we should make up signs “BRING BACK THE FOG HORN”, and carry them around outside city hall 🙂.

Foghorn 1

When I look out at the fog here now, and think back of my childhood’s fog horn … I can’t think of a more melancholy sound.


18 Replies to “fog horn [103/365]”

  1. And I love the fog and I love the sound of the foghorn. Guess I’m a melancholy sort of gal. A friend is all into the bluebird of happiness. I scoff. I grew up with the foghorns as well. I wonder if I could find one to have up here on Mist Mountain for the mist and fog. Good idea?

      1. There’s still a fog horn at Swallowtail. The government has left them in areas where there are small boats that still require them for navigation.

  2. Oooh, it’s even more beautiful (and more melancholy) than I imagined! I love that. I’m joining your strike. We need to bring the foghorn back 🙂

      1. It’s a sound I’ve always associated with coastal towns even though I’ve never actually heard one. It would be a shame to have them all disappear.

    1. LOL yeah … you can just see me and Gerry walking back and forth outside City Hall, right … holding up those signs “Bring back the Fog Horn”

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