fox game [102/365]

We’re watching House of Cards on Netflix. Up until now, we’ve watched thirteen episodes. I wasn’t immediately hooked after the first episode … it took a while. It’s getting creepier all the time.

ravspeletAll the time, while I’ve been watching it, a Swedish word has popped up in my mind: “rävspel” = fox game. From the beginning, it was just a little board game — rather popular, I guess, but I’ve never played it myself. I haven’t played all that many board games. However, the name of the game took on a whole new meaning and became a synonym for all what’s going on in House of Cards. Intrigues, conspiracies, manipulation … back-stabbing.

The white pieces you see in this picture, are sheep, and the two red ones are foxes. “Rävspel” has become a common word now — everybody knows what you’re talking about. However, when I look it up in my online dictionary, it gives Fox and Geese. Could be some similar game I know nothing about.

The House of Cards series is only being streamed on Netflix, from what I can see … not aired elsewhere. Kevin Spacey is the absolutely ruthless congressman Francis Underwood. When I typed in the title in Google, just now, I saw one headline, where Kevin Spacey’d said “compared to real politics, House of Cards doesn’t go far enough”. That’s scary!

14 Replies to “fox game [102/365]”

  1. House of Cards was so excellent when it started! I loved it so much. The following series didn’t hold so much interest for me and I stopped watching 😦 Never heard of the fox game but I certainly like the way it looks.

      1. Hm, I know for sure I loved the first season, but I can’t recall where I ended. I probably watched the second season as well and that was, I imagine, where I ended. Don’t be put off though, you might just as well enjoy the whole thing! Why wouldn’t you. It’s good stuff.

  2. I loved the first couple of seasons. It was different, fresh, and deliciously evil in an amusing way.

    I stopped watching House of Cards when he became President – don’t remember what season that was. I found the humour in his over-the-top self-interest had been lost.

    Now that I think of it, maybe the humourous part of it was just me and it was never intended to be funny.

  3. I bet it is a great show! Kevin Spacey is one of those actors who is not movie star handsome but can he act!!!! And he has such a range from humour to ruthless & everything in between!

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